Monday, July 4, 2016

Wiki Leaks

With the recent re-release of a 1,000 emails from Hillary’s deleted emails by Wiki Leaks the obvious has become infused with the palpable reality of top secrete exposure of the “other” emails sent from her “private” server.  Regardless of the severity of the exposed emails the possibility of governmental secretes being revealed has just taken a huge leap toward reality.  Hillary’s ability to govern can be judged as ineffective by the scope of what may be revealed and the possibility of outside influences being brought to bear from unscrupulous entities governmental or otherwise.  Do we really want a leader with such poor judgment, regardless of the espoused benign nature of those emails? What other risks is she willing to put the America through in order to a sway her convenience?   

The timing of Wiki Leaks release is not by chance.  Using the Forth of July is direct play to our national pride.  Wiki Leaks has taken a shot across our bow to enjoin us to beware of the incipient turmoil that will befall us if we ignore the obvious signs presented before us. 

Why the 4 of July?  (The following is from a previous post) Most around the world will say, “It’s just another day” but to many the 4th represents so much more.  We have lost that importance to some degree.  There are signs of its importance being compromised and marginalized but still to some, no matter what the changes in date or remembrance; the memories and challenges wrought through the sacrifices of hundreds and thousands will never be completely forgotten.

In my humble part of the world those signs of conciliation are well on their way.  The traditional fireworks display, reserved for the 4th  now take place on the most convenient Saturday, last year it was in June, in JUNE, not even in July, and not even close to the day we call  Independence Day.  

 I can understand some wanting to have the festivities on a weekend but to forsake the holiday for the convenience of scheduling only greases that slippery slope of complacency, sending us all down the slide to oblivion.

Perhaps a little harsh but when you put into perspective the great civilizations that have come and gone the record of destruction is a perfect 100% and every single organized society had its beginning demise with the small, seemingly insignificant oversights, those forgotten standards that provided the ever so important glue that held the foundations of their beliefs.

No one really noticed, not generally speaking they don’t, most simply want the convenience and the opportunity to have their cake and eat it too, but the truth is, especially for you theorist who espouse the need for an ever changing situation, a constitution that is fluid and variable to the winds and whims of individual wants regardless of general consequences.  What I want, I want and I don’t care who gets hurt or what happens, I want what I want and I want it now!

Our fair city got what it wanted.  It had its celebration, the fireworks went off and lit the sky and all was pretty and spectacular from our bedroom window, except it had no meaning, no basis or significance, it was only a shell, a plastic covering of what used to be, a specter perhaps, unknowing to most but to those few a harbinger of the eventual expiration of a passing greatness, replaced with an expediency rather than the sacrifice it might have taken to actually celebrate on the prescribed day.

America is not alone with this attitude, virtually every country has its excuses to alter, to exchange and minimize the memories of what made that country great.   It is the relativistic attitudes of those who truly don’t care or those who are hell bent on changing, slowly shifting what is important to the marginal areas of “What difference does it make?”  Said Hillary, at the Benghazi hearings.  She was not the first to drive a stake into the national relativism but she is the one in the news who is espousing the indifference to what matters.  

There was a country western song by Aaron Tippon, “you've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything ...” beliefs matter, traditions matter and when and how we do things matter, even if it’s something simple like when we celebrate the 4th of July.

We need to take a stand, make a statement, stick to our beliefs and be un-moving in our devotion so that when tomorrow comes we will still have something to believe in.  When we make a stand, hunker down and decide to live a certain way we are telling ourselves that we believe in ourselves, we believe in God and that what we’ve done and what we’re doing is important.  

Our beliefs are under attack, our faith is threatened and our freedoms are being forfeit for the conveniences of others who do not share the same level of commitment or who have never understood the need for sacrifice.  It is only though sacrifice that we can truly learn.  Don’t let them take that away from us! 

I watched some of the fireworks but there was no context, no perspective, no reason for the show of lights in the evening sky, it was nothing more than a lack luster attempt to make everyone happy but in the end it did nothing, created nothing and in fact only accomplished a level of sorrow, a distracted level of patriotism and devotion to what used to be a hallowed day reserved for memories and pride with the all-important shedding of a few private tears of gratitude for the freedoms we had, freedoms hard fought with sacrifice and ultimate loss.

For now it was just a few dollars spent to appease the crowds.  A few token lights of fire to satisfy the need for a holiday, but not on the designated day, that would be too much of a sacrifice.  At least we still have Halloween, they never change that day.

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