Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Trump government

Image result for good government and Trump cartoonHave you ever tried to write with the purpose of being profound?  I have tried and for the most part failed in my attempt toward creating anything insightful, especially when that was my initial intent.  The process of profundity requires a level of understanding that most do not possess and may never possess, at least in this life.  That is why we rely upon others when wisdom is needed.

The problem with wisdom is in knowing when something is wise or profound.  Many proclaim to have the ability to espouse or council but in the end, most who pontificate do so from a level of ignorance based on a desire to “look the part” rather than knowing and living by example.  This creates a significant void and upgraded confusion in relation to what is considered wise, further convoluting those few who truly do know. 

Most rely upon the open opinions of others, a close circle of friends or web generated search that pits a position or problem with the statistical criteria wanted rather than the wisdom needed.  This process only exacerbates the search for the wise and opens new avenues to the labyrinth that is life rather than the hoped for singularity of desire that often is the result of a wise and thoughtful answer.  In other words, it is the hope toward the wise that our problems be minimized not expanded.

We all recognize the need for wisdom but very few are willing to pursue the course needed to obtain that wisdom for ourselves.  We are more than willing to take the advice of those who agree with our desires and opinions but fail to see the need to change our lives in order to grow in wisdom.  It is precisely this avenue of growth that needs to be undertaken in order to grow as individuals.  The alternative is what causes the wholesale adherence and acceptance of “bad advice” and the consequential effects of listening to that “bad advice”, or a society of sheep that simply follow the edicts from above because of an unwilling populous to think for themselves.

There are many, about half the country that believe we have made a serious choice in electing Donald Trump for President.  The problem with this scenario is not specifically against Donald Trump but in the process of losing and not being able to conform to the long held electoral process.  The same result would most likely be apparent with any similar candidate.  The rush toward a judgement based not on any form of wisdom or thought is by definition irrational and is the process of this current unsubstantiated angst against Trump and all things conservative or Republican.  Will Trump be a good President, no one really knows but the possibility that he will is the same as almost every president since Washington (the first President, in case you don’t remember your grade school lessons).

How an individual rises to the occasion of his predicament will only be visible after he succeeds or fails and no amount of selfish predetermination or prognostication will change that yet written future.  

There is a point of interest that comes into play when negativity is infused too early and to vociferously.  Any chance of Trump being an effective President may be damaged by the very negativity permeated, creating a self-fulfilling prophesy that no one except for the very elect and capable could overcome.

If their motivation is to destroy the electoral process and destroy the chances of Trump rising to the occasion of the Presidency then the negativity instilled will most likely have the desired effect.  But if they want a “good President” then perhaps it would be wise to follow the admonition of positiveness while differing those opinions until he has had a chance to govern. 

Like most the option of differing the gratification of personal gain should take a front seat to the needs of this great country and to the principles of selflessness and service.  Failure to do so will only create a short term scenario, a moment in time that will outline a failure of one individual, but will also outline a national failure for all those involved in the insidious plan of destruction. 

What are the risks of supporting the process of creating a “good President”?  What will they lose by allowing President Elect Trump from becoming an effective leader?  The issues at stake are more fundamental than most understand and requires a serious self-reflection of our motivations and incentives.  This goes well beyond being a Republican or Democrat and goes beyond the liberal or conservative labels, we need a cohesive and functional government that at least tries to govern effectively and that means that the infrastructure of this country is sound and safe, the money supply is stable and the armies are ready and able to defend our liberties. 

The Constitution's Preamble says the federal government was established (and the Constitution was adopted) to “form a more perfect union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.

These are not liberal or conservative they are constitutional mandates of what are government should do.  These are the fundamental laws of this country and those laws for too long have been forsaken and ignored.  The least we can do as Americans is to give Donald Trump the support he needs so that he can either succeed or fail on his own. 

Nothing is more egregious than forcing the failure prior to the effort.  As a teacher it pains me deeply when I hear the negative words, actions and demeanor forced upon children by their parents as they wrongly intervene in the positive growth of their children.  Parents are far from perfect but for the most part they try to provide a positive environment but for those cretins who abuse and exploit the tender minds there is little forgiveness in my heart. 

The acts of negativity are exactly the same and are born of selfishness and egotism.  For those who want Trump to fail just because he’s Trump show no regard for anything other than self-interest and only want to proclaim success over the failure of those they hate.  Hate is not a laudable or commendable trait in any forum and should be excised from our vernacular and our actions. 

For those who truly hate Trump, perhaps it’s time to turn that hate into something  more positive and helpful and then and perhaps only then will we have a unified country…Hate is no way to run a government nor our lives.

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