Friday, December 23, 2016

The God of Gods

There can really only be one way to God, His way.  This may sound a bit difficult but when you consider the motivations of a god then you may start to understand, just a little, about the reasons for life.

Christian, Jew, Muslim or Sikh if there is a god at all then there must be only one.  If you chose not to believe that’s OK but only if you allow others the same privilege.  Logically, if there is more than one God then there is a greatest among them and it is He that we should worship.  It is the greatest that has the power over all the others and controls their powers, their passions and their sins.  

A power so absolute that all else shadows in His eternal presence.  This one God so great, omnipotent, omnipresent, He is filled with love and charity for his children learning at his feet.  His lesser gods toiling within the muck of Terrestrial tutelage, often and ignorantly ignoring his council as he patiently and lovingly attempts to instruct His children on how to make it home.  

Living is the reason for this life.  We all live to varying levels of comprehension regarding the purposes of life.  Where did we come from? Why are we here?  Where are we going after this life, are the three short questions that all sentient beings must ask if they are to ever begin to understand the meaning of life.

We had a Pre-Mortal life, we existed prior to this life.  We have a life on Earth.  We are being told how to return to our reality.  This time on Earth is probationary and finite with the reward of an eternity of increase for all those who listen and obey.  

This One Eternal God knows us, cares for us and loves us to such a perfect degree that He wants us to open our eyes and our minds, allowing our spirits access to His understanding and perspective, knowing that if we follow him, all that He has will be ours.  Like any loving father would want to do, share his knowledge and wisdom with their children.

This One Eternal God is no respecter of persons but perfectly administers the affairs of all mankind, giving us the freedom to chose and allowing all to chose.  Hardships, mishaps, grief and terror seem to flourish but there must be opposition in all things in order to retain freedom of choice.  It is this choice to chose that gives us the ability to grow and develop, learn and succeed, fail and flounder but the choice is always there.

If that choice is universally given then it must be universally allowed.  Letting the good have choices means that the not so good will also have choices.  The not so good often make bad choices and those choices affect the good but when we have faith that God loves us all then there must be a way to continue to chose despite our weaknesses and inability to see the correct paths before us.

Like the singular choice of stepping off a cliff, you have that right to chose until you chose to jump. Choices have consequences, mitigated by our understanding to some degree but virtually every law must be obeyed and followed if we are to be recipients of God's greatest gifts.  Gifts reserved for his most faithful and obedient children.  Again like a loving father who sees the progress and problems of his many children, knowing that he will bless all, not all will be equally blessed.

This One Great and Eternal God even provided a means for all to return home, through his Son Jesus Christ, who took upon himself the sins of all, allowing us the opportunity to make amends, to show remorse and understanding of the principle of choice, knowing that through Him we are able to chose to forsake our ignorance and replace it with faith and action to improve ourselves and chose more correctly.

It is within this short season of celebration that we focus our minds upon that same Jesus Christ who obediently followed through on his Father's plan to save his brothers from the ravages of sin.  Like the cliff all choices have consequences but the consequences of sin are eternal in nature and must remain with us until the debt of our disobedience has been paid.

Christ paid for our mistakes, our sorrows and our grief,  He bled in the Garden to wash away our sins but only if we chose to obey and take advantage of that gift.  Christmas is the celebration of the child Christ and our opportunity to recognize the loving embrace of our Father above for allowing His son the choice to be our Savior.

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