Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Know Thyself, if you can spare the time.

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The perspective we allow ourselves is often a very closed and select view of events that we can easily accept and process.  Our ability, however, to perceive the realities of the events that transpire around us has been proven not to be reliable.  Discovering who we are is a process of searching our internal motivations and our desires to portray what we truly want out of life and has also proven not to be a reliable view of what we really are.

How often do men and women inculcate themselves with patterns of behavior that fail to support the inner beauty within?  Perhaps it's due to some latent discord brought on by some traumatic event or series of events; the reasons that take us away from ourselves never really support that true nature or that internal and eternal greatness within all of us.

For many, those external sources of identity can have a disastrous effect on the growth and progress of the individual.  We all know one or two persons who have sold their soul to the external gods of sports or fashion or any other avenue of escape that promises the world but delivers nothing.  When I was young it was volleyball, I was very good and played against the 1980 and 84 Olympic teams when they practiced in the old Federal Building in San Diego’s Balboa Park.  

I spent an inordinate amount of time pursuing my lust with volleyball without understanding the effects of that pursuit on those around me and on me personally.  Not unlike those who watch sports on TV, they spend hours rooting and cheering, screaming and yelling for one team or another, glued to the media that controls their lives.   It was an injury that brought me out of my stupor.

This is not about sports or even the process of watching sports but in the choices we make and how we determine what is important and where we are willing to spend our time.  We truly are what we spend our time doing.  If we are obsessed then that obsession tells others what we have become and not the voiced desires that freely leave our lips but the time-honored measurement based on time.  

There is no difference between males and females when it comes to how we spend our time and to what degree we decide what is important, measured by the amount of time spent doing whatever it is we think we like.  The problem is in how we choose to spend our time and by choosing, fail to see the effects of those lost hours defending ourselves from the gaping mouth of the monsters that suck us in, make us believe, and drive our true selves into oblivion.

Do we need to ask ourselves, who is it that I really am?  How do I determine the truth beyond those influences that drive a wedge between our true selves and the outer monsters that deceive us?  This is not an easy question to answer.  For some, the process may take years to understand with a significant process of self-discovery.  That discovery is often hampered due to the years of selfishness and a willingness to let others determine our self-worth through those external habits promoted by our media, lack of self-respect and a desire to become famous, important or simply known.

We have lost sight of the nature of our own self-worth.  We are all important but that understanding has been drowned and overshadowed by hate, discord of one kind or another creating a convolution of morality.   That reality that used to be us is now a distant dream, replaced by the insecure hope that we can still reach the unreachable, still become great, still have a better life, but now many are embittered by the current reality of how difficult it is to accept the reality of that impossibility.

Externally we are at odds with the pressures of what others say we can become, expect us to do or demand that we experience.  Let’s take Trump as an example.  He has lived his life as two people, one as the person others expect him to be and one, the person he probably protects from the rest of the world.  He is a devout family man, grandfather, and father to children who love him and adore him.  These two personas are often at odds with each other but it seems to me that he is comfortable with who he really is and takes great pride is protecting his true self.

The issue with Donald Trump is within the external influences that most of us see and the diametrically opposed persona that the media would want us to believe.  Let’s consider the following:  President Trump has been in the public eye for years but has not amassed any significant negative press since his decision to run for president.  There was a lot said about him, not all good but know one cared, his celebrity status protected him.  

It’s important to note the challenges and the consequences of those challenges.  When Trump decided to run for president his first concern was winning the Republican nomination.  This process was monumental at best and his eventual victory caused a great rift between the other candidates, the Republican Party, and Trump.  No one in power wanted Trump to win. That should be a defining moment of clarity for most. If those in power fight against the candidate who is fighting against them, then perhaps there is something to be learned from those battles and the process needed for victory.

Next came the general election and this time he was not only facing Hillary but the hostile Republicans and a hateful press and media.  He was the first candidate (in my mind) to have to face off between two political parties and the national press and media outlets, all vying for his ignominious defeat.  When he won those hatreds did not vanish or go away they were inflamed and red-hot with the unbelievable angst and disbelief over his victory.  

The Republicans have mostly settled into the new administration knowing that they have to deal with Trump, he is the President, but the Democrats have not accepted their stunning and humbling defeat, nor has the media.   Both have lost power, influence and the ability to sway public opinion and they are swinging away in a desperate measure to bring this nightmare, for them, to a close.  

The result is astoundingly obvious and desperate as every measure that can be instituted is now in play.  The crowds have been inflamed and the protest started, his visage is burned in effigy, his name trampled in the mud from inflamed stories, some are truer than others but none reflective of who he really is. The only way to really tell who Donald Trump is is to look at the policies he introduces and to listen to the reasoning behind those policies.  

So far Trump is an American, who loves America and wants her to be strong, viable and able.  He may be a bit of a protectionist but that is his way of bridging the gap of years of abuse and neglect.  He understands that if America is not great it is second rate and no one that is an American should accept that standard as “Good Enough”.

I support Trump based on his desire to return America back to its glory and plan to help the working Americans keep the security and standard of life they all deserve. I support Trump for his ability to stand up to those who criticize and attempt to forestall his plans. He may be a bit rough around the edges but if that's what it takes to quite the ever-present voices of discord, so be it.  If you don’t agree let me know, I will be polite and gracious as long as you mind your manners.  

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