Monday, January 2, 2017

The Blight of Liberalism

Image result for democrat blight cartoonNeighborhood blight in many areas of this country have placed a permanent stain over the cities infected and halted the potential and growth within those areas to such an extent that the only solution is to raze and rebuild.  But rebuilding alone is insufficient in order to move toward a truly self-sufficient and sustainable outcome.  These areas need to undergo a complete and utter trans-formative process requiring a much more comprehensive and conservative outlook in order to forestall the future repeat of the disastrous policies of the 60’s.
Blight is so much more than fractured and war torn neighborhoods it is the loss of freedom and responsibility and the loss of a community's spirit due primarily to ineffective governmental controls and oversight.  Ownership is very rarely the outcome and without the accountability of ownership the moral aptitude of the individuals spirals out of control leaving any vestige of responsibility, pride and power forgotten words of a bygone era.
Detroit has struggled with thousands of houses left vacant and devoid of life, except a few criminals.  Utilities have been discontinued.  No water service, no electricity leaving huge tracts of land devoid of life and the associated opportunities.
Similarly, in Baltimore, in storm ravaged New Orleans, Chicago, New York and in virtually every major city there are areas of run down, dirty blighted neighborhoods that have fallen into desperate repair, primarily due to an overall philosophy of irresponsibility, crime and the idea that “it is someone else’s responsibility”.  

Our country's infrastructure, our bridges and roads are falling apart; our sewer systems and water delivery systems are old and failing, leaving a majority of our population in serious risk of complete failure.  These failures are primarily the responsibility of local governments, that for more than a generation has held the view of influence over its constituents rather than the obligation to provide as outlined in each community charter.

Major campaigns have rung the bell of hope promising the repairs that sustain progress but very seldom do they ever deliver.   Potholes are growing in both diameter and frequency with the ancillary costs to our vehicles as we struggle in most cities to maneuver around these gaping holes.  The estimated cost for road maintenance is approximately 185 billion per year nationally but we spend less than half that amount currently (68 billion) telling all that our lives fail to matter to those who attempt to lead and manage.

The growing blight of this country is much more than the loss of buildings within select cities, it is a spiritual blight of our very souls brought on by a handful of leaders who have disregarded their fiduciary responsibilities for short term profits and even shorter stints as the power seekers maneuver their grubby hands on the ever shrinking coffers, diverting those essential funds from needed repairs.

Even now estimates to repair aged and crumbling systems are counted in decades.  At this rate the statistical possibility of consistent and major failures grows into a certainty and the impact of those repairs will affect everyone and for many years to come, disturbing our freedoms, our choices and our opportunities. Government has failed all of us.  Not just at the policy making stages of governess but fundamentally failed us by creating a system of distrust and corruption so pervasive that virtually all facets of life are infected.

The blame for these errors in responsibility falls across party lines but are primarily the fault of the Democrats and RINO Republicans who greedily support this wholesale destruction of our nation’s wealth for the unmistakable and insidious actions of the political pariah within our country's leadership.

For more than 60 years America has been up for auction and like some cheap yard sale our assets have been frittered away at lower than wholesale prices leaving all of us wanting and wondering why.  No political figures have come forth with a plan and few if any stand to warn, complain or explain the risks of staying the fateful course of obvious greed and corruption.

This past election was the voice of millions rising up to fight for what is ours, for what used to be and what perhaps could be again.  This was a call for honesty and a plea for decency and hopes for a replacement of the old ways, the avaricious and greedy toward the generous and honest.

Will government change Trump or will Trump change government?  No one can be sure but the hope of a better way is alive and the faith that as a people we will no longer be subject to onerous and burdensome regulations with the ever present, growing, bureaucratic cesspool has taken a strong grasp on our hearts leading us all to wonder if this man is truly who he says he is.

Those who oppose ramp up their disdain and their distrust and would stay the present inevitability of what was, more willing to allow the potholes of our lives to be sold for pennies rather than face the truths of corruption.   They are more willing to stay subservient and enslaved living the blight rather than lift their eyes toward the opportunity brought on by honest work and healthy responsibility.  

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