Sunday, March 5, 2017

Violence Justified

Image result for berkeley trump riot cartoonWhen I was 16, I got into a fight.  A friend of mine and I were putting gas in my car, it was around 8:00 in the evening when a couple of other 16 year old’s, past friends of mine, started to hassle my friend.  I stepped into the middle of the frey and when I was pushed, I pushed back, harder and with more purpose, the other guy fell down and moved away, ending the problem.

Three hours later I was jumped.  Three guys, one of them the past friend, had hidden in the bushes that lined are long driveway and jumped out, hitting me from behind.  The blow to my head was hardened and heavy, sending me reeling and wobbly.   The other two quickly joined in and started to thrash me with their fists.  

The odds were not in my favor and yet I remained standing and was able to move toward my house.  The porch light was on and with every step toward that light the blows to my body and head diminished.  The thought ran through my addled brain at the time “run toward the light”, so I ran.

When I got to the porch I looked back and the three assailants had gone, back into the darkness and the bushes, or back to their car and a quick getaway.  I was in no shape to track them down, I knew who they were, I knew where two of them lived and I also knew it would be my word against theirs, so I leaned against the old spanish stucco, letting my head drop, my adrenaline to subside and my emotions to resort back to normal.  

I don’t like to admit this but I liked the rush of adrenaline and I like the feeling of getting into fights, it was exhilarating and exciting. I did not like the headache that I was having and would be experiencing for some time, nor did I like the fact that I had been jumped and it took me several hours to get over the desire to get in my car and confront each and every one of those cowards.  Remember I was 16 years old, had been in Judo for three years and I was pretty much ignorant at understanding the cause and effect of one’s actions.

Just to end this tale, I did get some justice when the same, past friend, tried to steal a pair of moccasins from my PE locker.  He didn’t succeed and he found himself on the ground again, but this time there were witnesses.

I was reminded of those events when I watched a pro Trump Rally, without Trump, at Berkeley, the liberal university, yes the same Berkeley that rioted to stop the visit of Milo Yiannopoulos.  This rally was a bit more peaceful but mostly due to a large contingent of police.  But even with a police presence the anti Trump crowd over shouted the peaceful demonstrators for Trump, using foul language and racial slurs.  The promise of violence however, was the tipping point for the Trump supporters to disband and this brings me to the point of this Blog.

Violence is a behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.  The left is not afraid to use violence to further their cause; the right is more afraid of the consequences of using violence.  

When is violence appropriate?  For those with morals, I am not being judgemental here but the true difference between those who are easily provoked toward anger and violence are those with less morality, less distinction between right and wrong, having a less principled life and therefore more prone to violence.  These are the same individuals who favor anarchy and lawlessness and have attached themselves to this country's liberal political parties.

This division of belief causes a serious separation within the basic rights of all, with those who want law and order in direct conflict with those who want anarchy and incorrectly believe that freedom is defined as no rules and no laws.  How you define freedom will in essence place you on the scale of Anarchist or harmony, order and peace.  

In our educational system we promote a level of order and peace but do so without the reality of life as it’s foundation.  Life is not equal, fair nor filled with opportunity.  Life can be harsh and does not offer free services.  Life must be earned if you want to move beyond mere existence and into life.  The demonstrators across this country have failed to learn those basic life skills and our educational system has failed to assist in that learning, leaving millions of students unprepared, unwilling and incapable of acting rationally.  

This same group makes claims toward free speech but fail to understand the concepts of allowing all that same privilege.  What good is free speech if your speech is stopped by violence or rioting?  This same group demands equality but fails to understand that equality is a God given right within our constitution (yes we’ve had problems in our past) and have failed to comprehend that ...We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

This group is also the most entitled but the least deserving of all who came before.  Their demands on society, on their parents and on government is unprecedented.  For the first time in this countries history there are times when those who are unemployed outnumber those employed, depending on how those statistics are manipulated.  Currently there are approximately 120 millions working full time.  There are nearly 350 million people in the US. this means that for every worker there are 2.9 non workers.  

Of course we have children and dependents in that mix but the statistic is clear, we have less workers supporting more non workers than ever before.  Economics is a concern but within that excuse is the reality that our youth, that group, exists the lack of desire to push ahead, to be self motivating, be creative or in a more simple term are more lazy.  They want what they want and are willing to use violence to get it.

Violence should be a last resort and perhaps, should even be thought about when you think it’s a last resort. To use it to squelch free speech, just because you don’t like the speaker is 100% wrong.   B
Because of the way these children were raised, educated and coddled in life they truly believe they have the right to act as their acting.  Is it too late for them?  That’s hard to say but the solution to this growing problem is not more of the same.  They need rules, guidelines and structure, they need purpose and responsibility, they need to get a life worth living.  

They need to move toward the light, bath in it's motivation, it's enthusiasm and optimism, relish in the inspirational glow of its power. Maybe then and only then will they grow a backbone and develop a conscience and finely be willing to enter the life that they have been so blessed with. Or not ….

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