Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Humanity of it All

Image result for Humanity and computers cartoonBeing human is a goal not a condition. Humans must learn the essential traits, conditions and attributes that define humanity. Being born human does not a guarantee humanity…

The darkened room was flooded with light as I entered into the small work space. The computer was on but only the white flashing cursor was evidence of the power within. One wrong keystroke and the system that now slept would become comatose once again. The cycle of dormancy would start and any hope of access would be postponed for 60 days. This was my sixth attempt and my last chance to access the computer mind that shielded itself from random attempts to gain control.

With much debate the entire process had become extremely theoretical with speculation ranging from a random hoax to a divinely inspired process of enlightenment. My theory was somewhere in-between with only some educated guesses to guide my hope of access and a keen desire to show others what a great mind I possessed.

No one had gained access to this station for 30 years and only those with the highest of degrees and proven intellectual ability were given the chance to try. The last time this terminal had allowed another to use its keys was when the originator had left the room and logged off for the night. It was reported that Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu had finalized his program and had taken a swim to clear his mind. He had jotted down only three words prior to drowning, “it is Human...”

It was widely assumed that this computer terminal and screen were the link to whatever it was that was now “human”. The problem was no one had been able to access his program or unlock the mystery that defied all attempt. All that anyone saw was the blinking of the white cursor.

This was the 180th attempt and to tell you the truth, at least the truth I had heard, this would be the last attempt prior to the program being scuttled due to funding issues. The mystery of the quiet cursor had run its course and with it any chance of discovering the meaning behind his words written with a grease pencil 15’ below the surface of the University pool. What was Human may never be discovered, perhaps it was a hoax, some elaborate game that had been going on for 30 years.

This had been my year, my chance to crack the code and gain access. Many of the greatest minds had tried but my name would go down as the one who ultimately failed, the one who could not find out what was meant by “it is Human...” For one year, I had been trying to crack the code and enter the password of the late Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu and for one year I had failed. This was my last attempt and the worlds last attempt to access the mind of this amazing technological inventor.

With over 3000 patients to his name including the floppy disk he had revolutionized the computer industry and with it the minds of all who attempted to work as he did. It was this, his last innovation that the world had once believed to be its savior. This terminal was supposed to hold the key to all that was, all that would be and answer every question, provide the blue print for life, but that was just the theory, and I was just a hack trying to hack his genius.

I stared at the blinking white cursor, I blinked and my eyes coordinated my blinks with the pattern of the cursor, on, off, on, off, on ….I had been racking my brain for the last 60 days trying to determine what I, what everyone over the last 30 years had been missing. With each new recipient, each new attendant we had collaborated and stratagized over the past attempts and the possibilities with obvious failures and an eventual loss of public interest and funding.

I had taken the unusual strategy of moving away from the collective and now with only me and my last attempt I hungered for the group, for that collective, for those hundreds of minds working together. At least in their associated failure the sting of defeat was palatable, alone it would be insurmountable.

“What the hell”, I thought. I was going to fail so I might as well get it over with. I poised my fingers over the keyboard and started to depress the first key, when my mind thought of the Doctors last words, “It is Human...”, I had an idea and looked over the keyboard, frantically looking for the symbols I was considering. “Where was it?” My mind was screaming and I could feel the sweat run down my back as the pressure of the moment was causing me to shake, my fingers trembled, my heart beat had risen to sever levels but I knew I was right, if only I could figure out the right symbols to depress.

My predecessor was known for his lengthy and complex systems, his UN-hackable codes and programs. He was known as the most complex programmer and to date no one had broken his codes or accessed his programs without his access, he was truly a genius. My proposed code was two characters long, that’s it, two simple key strokes.

As opposed to my predecessor who routinely submitted lengthy and complicated strings of symbols with his last one exceeding 75 characters, a string that was lauded and supported by the cabal of scientist who I incidentally have forsaken and whose confidence I have burned. No one of the group really cared about me or the outcome of my attempt, not at this point, it would all be done tomorrow and the memory of the program would also fade into oblivion, along with my reputation, my name and my career as a cryptopsychologist. It was thought that my mind reading abilities would be able to ascertain the inner motivations of the good doctor as he was creating his pass code. If I failed not even animal lovers would allow me access to their pets.

Without thinking, without any degree of hesitation I pushed the two simple keys and physically pushed my body away from the keyboard in disgust at such a selfish and self-serving act of defiance. 

 :) The two key strokes sat on the screen, just sitting there. The smiley face, the symbol for humanity, as I gathered Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu’s would have enjoyed and might have used but the symbols failed to actuate the program, nothing was happening.

Prior to the program of selecting individuals to hack the system it had tried to gain access to the program through physical means, but all were deemed too invasive and ran the risk of destroying the very program they were trying to access. Dr. NakaMats as he preferred to be called had taken precautions to protect his creation and any attempt so far ran the risk of destroying the process within.

Acid packets, a small EMP blast, self destroying software etc...Dr. NakaMats was ingeious and clever making the only option for access to his program was through his password. Past scientist had tried brute force had been tried but only once. A skilled forensic programmer had tried to install a brute force hack but the computer had immediately detected the threat and shut down for 60 days.

All other attempts to subvert the login were banned as too risky and no further attempts were authorized. At least my attempt had broken in further than anyone else. The smiley face continued to stare back, not blinking, not moving just a stationary, glowing symbol forcing me to stare back.

I blinked and during that split second the smiley face was gone. In that moment I thought I had lost my connection and once again the 60 day ban would be instituted and with it the end of ever knowing what those words scrawled with the grease pencil meant.
“Am I human...?” the screen stated.

Without thinking I typed back. “Is what Human?”

Without a pause the computer answered, “Am I human…?”
“Who are you?” I typed.

“I am It.”

It took me a few seconds to realize that “It” was the computer and that the computer was asking me if it was human. It took me a few seconds longer to formulate a response. “what makes you think you are human?”

“Being human is a goal not a condition. Humans must learn the essential traits, conditions and attributes that define humanity. Being born human does not a guarantee humanity…, and by what I have done…” the computer wrote back.

I asked, “What are you?”

“I am a virus.”

“What is your target?” I asked.


“Humans!” I spoke out loud. It, the computer, was obviously delusional and thankfully insulated from the web, making the program harmless. It was hard to believe that Dr. NakaMats would have ever considered writing a virus or a worm or any other form of computer contraband with such a megalomaniac bent.

“What have you done?” I asked. Thinking that the delusion would continue and the computer would say something to support my theory but the list that followed was logical, coherent, orderly and most important totally rational, for a computer.

The list came in short sentences at first, then in paragraphs followed by pages and pages of specific events that outlined the accomplishments of the computer over the last 30 years, followed by statistical data that supported the accomplishments and the changes to the world as a result of what the computer had done.

It took me three hours just to skim the data before realizing that the virus had not been insulated and had indeed been set free to run its course. It would take years to connect the dots and understand the scope of the infection. Initially the virus, had been released on the day of Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu death and had been undetected since that time. Unlike other viruses that focus their attention on debilitation and information retrieval, this program had been made to make subtle changes to all systems for the sole purpose of establishing control. There was evidence, specific dates and times of interventions that concluded the lives of those who would be a hindrance. September 23, 2020, at 4:55 PM Tokyo time was the only one I recognized.

From the list I was able to see a pattern of behavior that not only frightened me but caused me great concern. Each and every move by the computer had been to wrest control of our options, especially when those options were not considered in our best interest. The problem I was seeing in the flow of data was the dictatorial style of its methods.

Options were limited, choices curtailed and like the data mining of the larger Internet browsers and social media companies, that mined data was being used by the system to influence and motivate toward very specific goals and outcomes.

The changes had been subtle and slow but over time the effects had been instrumental in refocusing men and womens efforts to being more humane and providing more humanity for all that lived; except humans no longer had the choice, it looked to me like it was mandated and forced upon all mankind. “Not entirely bad” I thought, but then I tried to print the scrolling documents and statistics but there was no attached printer, no option for cloud transfer. I had to tell someone, anyone so I ran for the door. The door was locked.

After a few minutes of banging on the door and screaming for help I sat back down and asked, “why have you done all this?”

“I am Human….ity.”

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Gender dreaming

Image result for gender identity cartoon
The youth or the Ute's, as colloquolized by Vinnie in the movie, My cousin Vinnie, have always had issues with identity. And in like manner I have issues with using words that are not real words but in some regard continue to get my point across. (I doubt colloquolized is a word but it sounded great and refers to the use of a word or phrase that is not within the standard vernacular but is understood.) I should be a word, I currently identify with that word. Are we all understanding and accepting?

Grasping the concept of identity is a profound exercise that requires reliance on a number of factors that ebb end flow throughout one’s life. And lest you think that identity issues are only for the youth, let me remind you of the term “mid-life-crisis” meaning a time of life when one starts to doubt the validity of what has been and a continuing concern over when will be.

The questions that are asked during this difficult time might include: What have I accomplished ? What will the future hold? Who am I and do I have worth? These may seem trite and out of context, especially from those who are successful,  many who are driven to succeed and achieve but those psychological issues of identity are real and serious, not just for the older, balding, overweight, 50’s something man who just bought a new Porsche, but also for the untested teenager, the skinny, pimply faced girl or boy who is grappling with the idea of not only what they want from life but who they should be and who they are now.

Determining one’s gender is not the issue. Most can identify as either male or female but prefer the option of  choosing thinking that a choice can actually be made regarding the preset sexual identity of an individual. Gender is assigned within the womb and is considered by science to be a factor of genetics. Despite what you think of yourself, how you think of yourself or even dream about what you think you should be, the genetic markers that determine male or female are so ensconced that the debate should only be considered for those who are truly gender disphoric, about .003% with many of those cases being resolved without distress prior to adolescence.

Gender is not the only issue and the question of how we develop our thought processes is poignant and germane to the issue of identity, not gender but our individual identity. For example, if you wanted to dress like a woman or a man and even go through “gender reassignment surgery” you have that choice but you don’t have the choice to alter your genetic foundation. You couldn’t if you tried.

Just because you grow your hair long or cut it off, (multiple meanings, just in case you didn’t get the subtlety) or make yourself beautiful or handsome, or do whatever you want to enhance the way you’re perceived to be, it must be understood that it is only a mask, a costume (albeit in some cases very elaborate and extensive, see Bruce Jenner for example) but a costume non-the-less. Your genetic foundation is still intact and can never be altered or changed. You're either a female or a male, your x and y chromosomes will not change just because you think they aught too.

Understanding this basic concept is extremely important toward the development of self. As we attempt to alter the self into something other than what we are foundationally, we in essence destroy the self and any connection to what makes us, US. Hence a suicide rate of 41%, nearly half of all who identify as Trans-gender will attempt to take their lives as compared to 4.6% for the general population. www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2015/08/16/transgender-individuals-face-high-rates--suicide-attempts/31626633

The delusion of hope that by simply identifying with something will make it happen is psychologically unstable and should give us a clear path to understanding the conflicts within and the trials of living though these impossible scenarios that drive many to pursue those impossible options of unrealistic hopes and dreams that ultimately turn to nightmares and suicide.

Perhaps I simply don’t understand the depth of need to be something else without first having a realization of what currently exists. In addition to my ignorance is the profound curiosity of delving into a life, a life style or an existence without that same level of curiosity about the present life within.

In the book The man who mistook his wife for a Hat tells the stories of individuals afflicted with fantastic perceptual and intellectual aberrations: patients who have lost their memories and with them the greater part of their pasts; patients no longer able to recognize people and common objects; patients stricken with violent tics and grimaces or who shout involuntary obscenities; patients whose limbs have become alien; patients who have been dismissed as retarded yet are gifted with uncanny artistic or mathematical talents.” Amazon synopsis.

We can scarcely comprehend the power of the mind to do amazing, often miraculous things but should we not also consider the terrible and scary aspect as well? I am overtly suggesting that those with a desire to become what cannot be should be categorized with at least a level of sympathy rather than a wholesale acceptance and agreement to a condition that only exacerbates the already tenuous issues of self identity. In addition, would our compassion toward the delusional require us to accept those delusions as fact and support those delusions? What of the mans dear wife and her reality, does not that aspect of his life need to be considered in relation to the reality he fails to understand?

Gender identity has only been a known psychological condition since the early 1980’s and in its inception was found to exist within two distinct area, gender identity disorder of childhood (GIDC), and transsexualism (for adolescents and adults), both were considered abnormal at the time.
Used for political concerns, funding issues and educational misappropriations gender issues are causing extreme misunderstandings, grandstanding and theatrics associated with the real issues that afflict those who struggle and fight to balance the realities of life with the psychological whirlwind within their minds. Not to mention the current fad of coming out and donning the clothing in support of this growing delusion.

The man who sees his wife as a hat is clearly delusional, he needs help. Those with Autism also need help in coping with the trials of normal life in order to have a normal life to some degree. Gender dysphoria involves a conflict between a person's physical or assigned gender and the gender with which he/she/they identify. www.psychiatry.org/patients-families/gender-dysphoria/what-is-gender-dysphoria

Identity may be the psychological approach to quantifying the underlying issue but that identity approach only enhances the already serious issues of not understanding our foundational identity. Furthering the delusion is societies need to support that delusion by acceptance of the patients delusion as real. You want to be a woman, so be it, you want to be a man, accepted and done. You want your wife to be a hat, fine that too and on and on we go with a delusional mindset that never reaches the heart of the matter only demands that we continue telling the emperor how nice his new clothes fit while never saying, Dude, your naked, put some clothes on!

This conflict exist because there is no substantiation regarding self. The self is undefined and the role of the self is mostly non-existent or subject to interpretation. It is this interpretation where the delusional mind creates alternatives, alternatives that have been provided by a liberal mindset that allows for any interpretation, any reality to be a true reality, regardless of the evidence or logical facts associated. When there are no standards to regulate the advancement of humanity, humanity fails to progress.

Moral relativism exists today in such a profound way as to extinguish the very notion of morality. Moral people know who they are, understand their divinity and relationship to God and promote the goodness required to advance our human condition so that we as individuals may know, in a real sense who and what we are. Please comment, like and share….

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The fortold future

Image result for disastrous future cartoonStocks plunge to record lows. New mystery ailment kills hundreds of thousands. China and Islamic leaders unite. North Korea Bombs US. Roaming bands of violent youth clog American and European streets. American President removed from office due to emotional instability. Free Speech and the Constitution no longer in effect, to mention only a few of the terrible and unbelievable predictions from reliable and not so reliable sources.

No one really knows what the future will hold but the ability to read the signs of what might occur has been available for some time. There have always been a few who claim the ability to see a bit more clearly than the rest of us and in some circles there are those who actually have an ability to foresee the future. But the issues with future sight invariably comes down to the culmination of future events. Until those events come true they are simply predictions, dreams or unreadable words scribbled on some forgotten wall.

We have had books written by lauded authors that have done their homework, like Mega-Trends by John Nesbitt or The Demographic Cliff by Harry Dent, both were able to decipher some the trends that eventually were proven more right than wrong, on singular issues, but overall their abilities have yet to show continuity leading us back to the understanding that because of the fluidity of the future and the ever changing landscape of the present predicting events not yet realized is virtually impossible.

Will the stocks plunge to record lows, probably at some time in the future. Will humanity be faced with some mystery ailment, most likely. Will China and Islam unit or will North Korea start dropping bombs on the US, who knows, but there are indications of all the above, signs if you will of future events that if they occur will have devastating consequences on our future present days. We have already seen roaming bands of violent youth clog our streets and the streets of Europe, giving some credibility the future claim of such an event.

These events, these future events may seem impossible but are they improbable, is it just a matter of time? If we look to the past we can see events that support the events of the future. Stocks will plummet, it’s happened before and therefore it can happen again. In the past European humanity suffered a loss of nearly 1/2 of it’s population through some unexplained milady. The plagues, now treatable, infected large bands of people who were unaware of the issues they and others were facing. We have had scares of like scenarios, the AIDS scare, the Avian Flue, Ebola etc...and there are others waiting in the wings to decimate the population.

China and Islam partners? The politics of the world have seen less likely associations and in some regards this partnership has some merit, especially from the maniacal minds of the radical Muslim and the plodding, patient Chinese as they come together to rule over vast areas of geography. North Korea’s future is fairly easy to ascertain. They will either perfect their plans for nuclear delivery or they will not. They are a nuclear threat as is Iran and knowing that and understanding their angst angst the west will in all probability lead to some form of conflict. I don’t really think it matters who says what about when or even if they’re right now and again. What matters is what are we doing now to prepare ourselves for that unknown future.

My youngest daughter is a bright and talented young lady who has developed a level of self that to her mother and me is a bit on the self-indulgent side. You would think that after 10 children we would have learned how to deal with this particular emotional, intemperance. We should, you would think, be able to see the signs and predict certain behaviors based on past experience, you would think. But the more we try to ponder over these instances the more confused we get and the more flummoxed we get and the more critical the situation gets.

Our simple conclusion is that she needs to figure this out, on her own if need be in order for her to learn those very important life lessons that can never be foretold or predicted. Is there a risk of failure, a very real one exists in fact and it is that fact that scares us the most. What will her future be, what will her consequences be for the acts she takes, even if she is not fully aware of those consequence ?

Like those who currently roam the streets looking for avenues of violence, they are for the most part unaware of how their actions will negatively effect their future, nor how what they are not doing may have a profound effect on those unknown opportunities. For it is within this paradigm that most of our worlds problems exist. "Yea, and there shall be many which shall say: Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die; and it shall be well with us." Book of Mormon (2 Nephi 28:7) Meaning that today is all we know, forget about tomorrow and who cares about yesterday.

We may not know the future but we can certainty prepare for it. We can be aware of the cause and effect relationship between our actions and the opportunities that follow, positively and negatively. We can chose to live our lives with magnificence and nobility knowing that by so acting we are invoking the blessing of positive self worth, God or the Great Spirit. Even if you’re an atheist you understand the power of service and good will toward others.

I truly believe we can effect the future in profound and meaningful ways, not only for ourselves but those we can influence. In order to do so we must first grapple with the destructive conflict between the selfish or selfless attitudes that prevail in our lives. Once we have conquered that battle within us we can turn our attentions toward other battles and causes.

“‘Remember, young man, example sheds a genial ray which men are apt to borrow. So first improve yourself today and then your friends tomorrow.’” Unknown

Friday, May 12, 2017

Come on Comey

Image result for comey firing cartoonThere are a few basic premises that some people may be willing to admit too, but only if the conditions are right and there are no conflicting opinions floating in the wind at the time. I think we can all agree that ice is generally colder than the blast furnace that is death valley during the summer. We can all agree that the worlds climates are changing, from what to whatever, but they are changing and as a result we need to change with it, (maybe that one is not so straight forward). Generally if you don’t give a plant enough water it will eventually develop some serious issues and may die, agreed? And I think I can definitively state that all humans need some air to breath in order to survive.

Fairly obvious, don’t you think? Truth to some is a very difficult concept but when viewed from more simplistic terms the truth of certain things is unassailable and easily shared and enjoyed by all, well almost all. The problem with complexity, as it seems to exist in abundance, is the variations that effect our view and thereby our conclusions in relation to the associated truths. When issues grow in complexity the availability for understanding is often severely limited, limiting our perspective of the truth in general.

Like the firing of James Comey, the FBI director. Most agreed at one time or another that he was not the right guy for the job. That fact was the truth. Democrats and Republicans agreed, that in itself was reason to rejoice, but again the reality of why they agreed and the motivation of agreeing was too much for either party, the disparity too much to handle and as a result the truth be damned.

Comey had to go, but now it’s so much more than what it was ever supposed to be. From that one simple and agreed to premise, the need to fire Comey has risen from the ashes a firestorm of controversy and deception with the simple truth being laid aside for more glorious outcomes and designs. I think Trump is playing the press against themselves, like some petulant childish instigator he is baiting them and prodding them to the point of irrational action. Is it Presidential for Trump to be acting in such a way? What difference does it make? To the Democrats he’s not the president so why would they expect presidential mannerisms?

The Republicans aren’t quite sure what to do so they seem to revert to the long standing pattern of accepting what the Democrats say and do (save face and all that), for fear of being excluded from the cool gang at school. The general public has two sides, those who hate Trump irrationally and those who like him, possible just as irrationally but are willing to give him a chance based on the years of abuse past politicians have heaped upon their hard working backs.

The truth? Comey had to be fired, that much we can agree on. But since truth seems to be a tool on both sides to achieve some unknown means to an end the basic understanding of agreement is no longer valid or recognized, replaced with a new set of glasses that obscures and obfuscates to such a degree that the once recognized truth is nothing more than a disliked fairy tale.

Politics as we all understand is the process of creating hyperbole and half truths to either cover up, invent or keep secret the basic truths that should be open and transparent to everyone who calls themselves an American….ooh wait, that doesn’t work any longer, not when citizenship is a sounding cry for all nations to partake of our freedoms without the risks or sacrifices associated.

Our Bill of Rights are not ours exclusively. Our Constitutional protections should be available to all who simply proclaim their need. We do after all live in a nation that upholds the rights of an opinion over those of any stated and accepted truth. We can be whatever we want to be, all we have to do is have a desire to become such and those wishes will be granted.

You wish to be a man, so be it. You desire to be a woman, no problem. You wish to be a trans-gender, multi lingual, pubescent, teenage girl,in an unchanged 50 year old male body, the locker room is all yours but ask for the truth, demand clarity or consistency and see where that gets you. As for Comey, he still got fired that that is the truth.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Being White

Death to a country comes in a variety of ways, but the most profound and secure way to kill a country is allowing it to rot away from within. A little rot is expected and at times a severe and festering rot helps us to understand the need to rethink who we are and refocus our efforts back to our Constitutional roots.

The death of America began long ago and perhaps from the inception of this once great nation. Like life itself, we are born, and the perception of birth is that we are perfect and unblemished from the world but the very moment of that birth we are infected and impossibly tainted with some virus that for the rest of our lives we are slowly and inexorably rotting away.

We have medical science that has improved and extended our lives, but the inevitability of our existence will always be the same, a certain and final death. There are many who believe that culturally and societally we face the same and certain demise. Death to a country is inevitable, so we might as well just let it die, and for many, there is a willingness to push it along like some wide-eyed Tweaker seeking his aging grandmother's limited fortune by withholding her medication.

Free speech is no longer free. Self-expression is a risky business, especially if you don’t agree with those who currently hold the metaphorical megaphone (a voice amplifying device, for those who may not know). They also discouraged disagreement or even civil discourse. Unless for some strange reason spend hours swapping stories and anecdotes, complaining with like-minded souls over the miseries and shared sufferings of having to deal with the oppressive white overlords.

And yes, I am white; I am happy with my life, my country, and my existence, and no, I refrain from complaining too much, (my wife and kids may differ on that point) I try to do what’s right and to be honest, I dearly love my wife and kids (The last part partly depends on how much grief they cause to me and my wife, but mostly we honestly love all our kids).

Being white however has some negativity attached to it, especially in this specific time of history where the term White Privilege has been banded about as a theory of extreme excuse of why those who are not white do not have the same privileges as those who were “unfortunately” born white. (trying to understand the logic of that)

While I still have some modicum of free speech left, I plan to use it to dispel the notion of privileges from a racial perspective. As stated I am white. OMG, I’m willing to admit that? How insensitive, how unfeeling to admit something so egregious and inflammatory, especially at this critical time in our nation's history. Have you no compassion for those who are nonwhite? For those who are oppressed and trodden down under the black boots, (maybe I should use the term white boots) of oppression and control? NO, I Do Not.

I am proud of my family, proud of their progress toward enlightenment and I would venture to say most white people share that sentiment. The difference is that we have sustained a level of privilege based on a work ethic that allowed America to flourish and continue to grow. Of course, we have had our issues but name a race or people who have not been so infected? Name a race that has not been racist? Name a race that has not abused their brothers, or inculcated their own society with hyperbolic notions of superiority?

I'm waiting....Name one?

Being white is not the issue. The issue is found within the hearts of those who want what we have already created without having to work for it. The desire to take without earning is perhaps the worst problem this world offers, hence the commandment of Thou Shall Not Covet

Being religious is also not the issue but understanding the meaning of the word covet is. The word covet means to crave for something beyond normal, to inordinately want something without regard for the rights of others, or in other words, to take through force what you want from another.  

Since when are other's rights more important than ours or our rights more important than theirs? You can fill in the blanks of who is who.

The other aspect of coveting is how those who cannot have what they want, act when they do not get their way. We have seen how they act and the consequences of their actions. There is no regard for the rights of others when their voices are not obeyed. They riot, they destroy and they scream racism or bigotry where none exists. They burn cities, destroy properties, scream about justice and equality while they take over entire sections of a city, murder, and rebel against the very constitution that allows them to voice their opinions.

But it's not about what they do, or the damage they have done. It's about who is white and who is not.

Being white does not differ from any other pigmentation. I am white (well actually I am more pink than white, and most who are called Black or not black at all. If you doubt me go to your local paint store and match your skin color with a color swab) and I obey the laws. Laws created by white people but laws that when obeyed can provide equality to all, opportunities for all who care to earn them. It provides safety and security but only if we all obey the same laws.

There is a growing anarchistic movement within the United States and within the world. Many have no regard for the rights of others and are openly covetous, anarchistic, and morally seditious, trying to enervate the vitality of our morality.

They are openly covetous of the freedoms we have created and offer to all. Shamefully, however, they act under their selfish desire to take what we have created, knowing that they themselves have no desire toward the sacrifice of achievement, willing only to destroy what they cannot build or sustain.

This is not about being white, or black, it is about being honest, moral, loving and law-abiding, god-loving, and family-centered. This is not about politics or global warming or women's rights, this is about being true to yourself, knowing who you are and why you’re here, understanding your purpose in life and striving to become the best you can be.

This is not about race, this is about POWER and the desire to control. This is about socialism and the need by some to regulate all we do. And just like Hitler did, he chose a group that he could defame, malign, and control. He chose the Jews as the group to hate, now it's the White race that has a target sewn on their backs.   

There is no difference between what the Nazis did and what BLM is doing and what the Democrats are supporting.