Thursday, May 4, 2017

Being White

Death to a country comes in a variety of ways, but the most profound and secure way to kill a country is allowing it to rot away from within. A little rot is expected and at times a severe and festering rot helps us to understand the need to rethink who we are and refocus our efforts back to our Constitutional roots.

The death of America began long ago and perhaps from the inception of this once great nation. Like life itself, we are born, and the perception of birth is that we are perfect and unblemished from the world but the very moment of that birth we are infected and impossibly tainted with some virus that for the rest of our lives we are slowly and inexorably rotting away.

We have medical science that has improved and extended our lives, but the inevitability of our existence will always be the same, a certain and final death. There are many who believe that culturally and societally we face the same and certain demise. Death to a country is inevitable, so we might as well just let it die, and for many, there is a willingness to push it along like some wide-eyed Tweaker seeking his aging grandmother's limited fortune by withholding her medication.

Free speech is no longer free. Self-expression is a risky business, especially if you don’t agree with those who currently hold the metaphorical megaphone (a voice amplifying device, for those who may not know). They also discouraged disagreement or even civil discourse. Unless for some strange reason spend hours swapping stories and anecdotes, complaining with like-minded souls over the miseries and shared sufferings of having to deal with the oppressive white overlords.

And yes, I am white; I am happy with my life, my country, and my existence, and no, I refrain from complaining too much, (my wife and kids may differ on that point) I try to do what’s right and to be honest, I dearly love my wife and kids (The last part partly depends on how much grief they cause to me and my wife, but mostly we honestly love all our kids).

Being white however has some negativity attached to it, especially in this specific time of history where the term White Privilege has been banded about as a theory of extreme excuse of why those who are not white do not have the same privileges as those who were “unfortunately” born white. (trying to understand the logic of that)

While I still have some modicum of free speech left, I plan to use it to dispel the notion of privileges from a racial perspective. As stated I am white. OMG, I’m willing to admit that? How insensitive, how unfeeling to admit something so egregious and inflammatory, especially at this critical time in our nation's history. Have you no compassion for those who are nonwhite? For those who are oppressed and trodden down under the black boots, (maybe I should use the term white boots) of oppression and control? NO, I Do Not.

I am proud of my family, proud of their progress toward enlightenment and I would venture to say most white people share that sentiment. The difference is that we have sustained a level of privilege based on a work ethic that allowed America to flourish and continue to grow. Of course, we have had our issues but name a race or people who have not been so infected? Name a race that has not been racist? Name a race that has not abused their brothers, or inculcated their own society with hyperbolic notions of superiority?

I'm waiting....Name one?

Being white is not the issue. The issue is found within the hearts of those who want what we have already created without having to work for it. The desire to take without earning is perhaps the worst problem this world offers, hence the commandment of Thou Shall Not Covet

Being religious is also not the issue but understanding the meaning of the word covet is. The word covet means to crave for something beyond normal, to inordinately want something without regard for the rights of others, or in other words, to take through force what you want from another.  

Since when are other's rights more important than ours or our rights more important than theirs? You can fill in the blanks of who is who.

The other aspect of coveting is how those who cannot have what they want, act when they do not get their way. We have seen how they act and the consequences of their actions. There is no regard for the rights of others when their voices are not obeyed. They riot, they destroy and they scream racism or bigotry where none exists. They burn cities, destroy properties, scream about justice and equality while they take over entire sections of a city, murder, and rebel against the very constitution that allows them to voice their opinions.

But it's not about what they do, or the damage they have done. It's about who is white and who is not.

Being white does not differ from any other pigmentation. I am white (well actually I am more pink than white, and most who are called Black or not black at all. If you doubt me go to your local paint store and match your skin color with a color swab) and I obey the laws. Laws created by white people but laws that when obeyed can provide equality to all, opportunities for all who care to earn them. It provides safety and security but only if we all obey the same laws.

There is a growing anarchistic movement within the United States and within the world. Many have no regard for the rights of others and are openly covetous, anarchistic, and morally seditious, trying to enervate the vitality of our morality.

They are openly covetous of the freedoms we have created and offer to all. Shamefully, however, they act under their selfish desire to take what we have created, knowing that they themselves have no desire toward the sacrifice of achievement, willing only to destroy what they cannot build or sustain.

This is not about being white, or black, it is about being honest, moral, loving and law-abiding, god-loving, and family-centered. This is not about politics or global warming or women's rights, this is about being true to yourself, knowing who you are and why you’re here, understanding your purpose in life and striving to become the best you can be.

This is not about race, this is about POWER and the desire to control. This is about socialism and the need by some to regulate all we do. And just like Hitler did, he chose a group that he could defame, malign, and control. He chose the Jews as the group to hate, now it's the White race that has a target sewn on their backs.   

There is no difference between what the Nazis did and what BLM is doing and what the Democrats are supporting.  

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