Friday, May 12, 2017

Come on Comey

Image result for comey firing cartoonThere are a few basic premises that some people may be willing to admit too, but only if the conditions are right and there are no conflicting opinions floating in the wind at the time. I think we can all agree that ice is generally colder than the blast furnace that is death valley during the summer. We can all agree that the worlds climates are changing, from what to whatever, but they are changing and as a result we need to change with it, (maybe that one is not so straight forward). Generally if you don’t give a plant enough water it will eventually develop some serious issues and may die, agreed? And I think I can definitively state that all humans need some air to breath in order to survive.

Fairly obvious, don’t you think? Truth to some is a very difficult concept but when viewed from more simplistic terms the truth of certain things is unassailable and easily shared and enjoyed by all, well almost all. The problem with complexity, as it seems to exist in abundance, is the variations that effect our view and thereby our conclusions in relation to the associated truths. When issues grow in complexity the availability for understanding is often severely limited, limiting our perspective of the truth in general.

Like the firing of James Comey, the FBI director. Most agreed at one time or another that he was not the right guy for the job. That fact was the truth. Democrats and Republicans agreed, that in itself was reason to rejoice, but again the reality of why they agreed and the motivation of agreeing was too much for either party, the disparity too much to handle and as a result the truth be damned.

Comey had to go, but now it’s so much more than what it was ever supposed to be. From that one simple and agreed to premise, the need to fire Comey has risen from the ashes a firestorm of controversy and deception with the simple truth being laid aside for more glorious outcomes and designs. I think Trump is playing the press against themselves, like some petulant childish instigator he is baiting them and prodding them to the point of irrational action. Is it Presidential for Trump to be acting in such a way? What difference does it make? To the Democrats he’s not the president so why would they expect presidential mannerisms?

The Republicans aren’t quite sure what to do so they seem to revert to the long standing pattern of accepting what the Democrats say and do (save face and all that), for fear of being excluded from the cool gang at school. The general public has two sides, those who hate Trump irrationally and those who like him, possible just as irrationally but are willing to give him a chance based on the years of abuse past politicians have heaped upon their hard working backs.

The truth? Comey had to be fired, that much we can agree on. But since truth seems to be a tool on both sides to achieve some unknown means to an end the basic understanding of agreement is no longer valid or recognized, replaced with a new set of glasses that obscures and obfuscates to such a degree that the once recognized truth is nothing more than a disliked fairy tale.

Politics as we all understand is the process of creating hyperbole and half truths to either cover up, invent or keep secret the basic truths that should be open and transparent to everyone who calls themselves an American….ooh wait, that doesn’t work any longer, not when citizenship is a sounding cry for all nations to partake of our freedoms without the risks or sacrifices associated.

Our Bill of Rights are not ours exclusively. Our Constitutional protections should be available to all who simply proclaim their need. We do after all live in a nation that upholds the rights of an opinion over those of any stated and accepted truth. We can be whatever we want to be, all we have to do is have a desire to become such and those wishes will be granted.

You wish to be a man, so be it. You desire to be a woman, no problem. You wish to be a trans-gender, multi lingual, pubescent, teenage girl,in an unchanged 50 year old male body, the locker room is all yours but ask for the truth, demand clarity or consistency and see where that gets you. As for Comey, he still got fired that that is the truth.

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