Friday, July 21, 2017

Rights vs Privleges

Image result for conservative differences between rights and privileges cartoonThe discussion between rights and privileges may seem archaic in todays current level of acceptance based on feelings and internally driven, self worth criteria that espouses freedoms for all based on the premise of personal choice but there is a reality that helps to define the differences between what is a right and what is a privilege.

So many in this day care about what happens to those who seemingly cannot take care of themselves and from that caring comes a reluctance to define the right and wrong of that blanket acceptance.  Is their a right and a wrong, is there a good and evil or a can anything be defined as an absolute?  The absolute principles of the past have been marginalized and manipulated with a constant barrage of inconsequentailism as to make even the most basic of principles nothing more than a whim or a  desires.

Let’s start to unravel the differences between these current chaotic movements to destroy the foundation of what we used to be and hopefully establish a level of understanding that will assist others to make decisions based on the truth rather than a purely selfish approach to life in general.

As you all know I love to define the words we use in order to sustain the meaning and maintain the consistency of our language so that all can access that same language in order to forward the ideas necessary to promote a unified society.  Let’s start with the word Rights:  “A right is something that you as an individual own.  A privilege, on the other hand, is something that another entity owns who then grants you the ability to do something.  A privilege definitely can be taken away if it is owned by someone other than you because they own it and you don’t.” Unknown

Ask yourself, what is it that you truly own?  Do you own your health care?  Do you own the right to drive or the privilege to breath?  Do you own the right to eat or is that dependent on your ability to earn a living?  Do you have the right to work?

There are but a few of the many questions that could be asked but in the end, what do you own, what cannot be taken away from you and in relation to privileges who owns those privileges that you seem to think are rights?

Health care has been a major source of contention for quit some time.  The politics of Heath Care is divisive and complicated with the social issues of the day demanding that all should have the “right” to Health services.   The definition (I did not make that up by the way) has to do with ownership and the ability to control what you own.  If you do not own it, someone else controls it and they will make the decisions regarding it, whatever it is…

There are different definitions discussing where I rights come from, suggesting that our ownership is contingent on the vast reaches of space and and an overshadowing deity but for now and within this finite and temporal existence ownership will have to do as a guide to the differences between privileges and rights. 

What aspects of your heath care do you actually own?  Do you control the company you work for and therefore can also control the finances that allow you to pay yourself to buy the health care you desire?  Even if Health Care was adopted as a single payer system with free access who would manage those affairs and who would ultimately control that system? 

The real issue here is in how our rights are being usurped and redefined.  Gun ownership is another hotly contested topic with one side demanding their rights be allowed while the other side demands for more oversight upon those rights.  Inevitably the debate turns to compromise and when it does the rights of ownership are subject to that compromise, magazine size or the number of bullets etc. and with it the rights of ownership.

The right to own a gun is a determination of our constitution, some agree with the wording and some do not. That determination of a right has been altered by how the words of the constitution have been defined.  Others may not agree with that expression of freedom and often try to limit your right to expression through the process of compromise.  The problem with compromise is that rights cannot be compromised or negotiated.  Once you relinquish a portion of your rights your rights are gone.

Our rights under the law are written with our Bill of Rights.  Those are our rights but those rights have been compromised and the outcomes and expectations have changed.  Free speech is not always available or allowed, property ownership is contingent upon the taxes you owe, gun ownership is also dependent on the bullets you can buy or the size of the clip your allowed to install. 

We have allowed our rights to be compromised and altered and that has altered our basic rights into privileges and with those privileges the risk of reprisal from the owner who will at some point recall those privileges and with it our supposed rights.

Health care never was a right but you have the right to treat yourself anytime you like, just don’t make a mistake in the process, you may be in violation of some medical statute for competition infringement….

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