Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Conspiracy to buy

Image result for mercedes hitler racist cartoonThere exist a conspiracy.  I have only uncovered this heinous plot to undermine my morality and subvert my good intentions with a much more subversive and loathsome practice of extreme marginalism.  The story that leads to my discovery is sordid and disturbing and I should mention now that this may not be the kind of story you want your children to hear.

In an attempt to marginalize the effects on my family I wish to fully admit to my involvement and my part in this sordid play.  I however want to shed my future of  these past events in the attempt to safeguard those who were innocent of my involvement.

It all started about eight months ago.  I was an innocent in this and want to instill in all of you the need to reserve judgement until you have all the facts, for within those events will be revealed my complicity  and my idiocy at not being able to recognize my role and the influences it had on me.  Like all of us at times in our lives we are swayed and cudgeled by outside forces beyond our ability to overcome.  

My weakness was in the name of a Black on Black E350 Mercedes Wagon.  I have it seems always had a weakness for the Mercedes but to this day could not imagine how it would alter my life, my thoughts and my future actions.  I had been searching for a car to purchase when I noticed an ad posted by a local BMW dealership.  Without seeing the car in person I put down a deposit and arranged to pay the remainder of the cost of the car and pick up this dream the coming weekend.

The problems we all have in life most often start with innocent decisions not based on our preset moral code and it was the same with buying this automotive beauty.  The car was perfect, the miles were low, the interior flawless, as was the exterior.  It really was a dream come true, or so I thought.  

I drove the car off the lot and I seemed to be smiling at everyone who I imagined was envious of my new ride and the symbol of perfection that was this Mercedes.  I loved the black color reflected the sun and gleamed in a thousand shards of light.  It truly did reflect my level of pride and fulfilled a need I had.  My job was as a Special Education Specialist in Chino California, a commute of only 35 miles but the traffic created a drive of over an hour most days and often stretched into two on the busy highway.  So I hope you can at least see why I needed a comfortable car.

The comfort of the car was imperative in order to keep the job and deal with the commute and this car was comfortable.  It was the perfect car for my needs.  The trouble with perfection is it rarely stays that way for long.  Two weeks after I bought the car I had an incident that resulting in me totaling the car and severely damaging the other driver’s car. Everyone was safe, thank goodness, but my beautiful car was damaged beyond repair, my black car, my Mercedes was now a fading memory.

I should have learned my lesson right then, right when it was the most obvious, but the idiot that I was could not see the machinations at work nor the way I was being swayed into making decisions that would haunt me the rest of my life.

After the accident and having to drive a Toyota Corolla again, I felt defeated and let down but deep within I wanted what I used to have and started to rethink my position and search for a replacement.  I thought about the Cadillac, or a Lexus but they were not Mercedes.  I had to have a Mercedes, perhaps it was in my blood, or perhaps it was a inner need to satisfy those craving of supremacy but a Mercedes it had to be.  

Two months later I found what I was looking for, a bit more expensive but another dream come true and best of all it was white.  A shimmering and shiny C300 Sport.  When I took it for a drive I fell in love.  It handled better than the E350 and it moved like a rocket on steroids.  But it wasn’t until a few weeks later that I realized what I had done.  

I had been meticulously groomed and prepared toward buying this most ostentatious symbol of white supremacy.  I had purchased a Mercedes, once a symbol of German engineering and a sign of Hitler’s supremacy.  Not only did I purchase a Mercedes but I made sure it was a white Mercedes and on top of that I had crashed the black model so I could replace it with a white model.  Albeit subconsciously the evidence of my collusion is evident by the joy I received and the feeling I get when I drive this car.  

At first I had no clue but now I know, I must be a racist, bigot who wants to flaunt my superiority through my exploitation of fine workmanship and a comfortable ride.  The problem now is I cannot afford a different car, I’m still paying on the white, supremely comfortable C300.  I am severely ashamed but perhaps not enough to actually destroy this symbol of racism and tell the world that I am not a slave.

I am white after all, my car is white, my children are white (mostly), my walls are an off white, I have white dishes and I am so sorry to admit this but even my refrigerator is white, I must be a racist.  My apologies to all, but it was not really my fault, I needed a car, a comfortable car. I wasn’t thinking about the relationship of certain products and their connection to Naziism, nor the way that purchace would alter my view of the world and disrupt my ability to act as a human toward other humans.  

Please forgive me, I really don’t feel like a racist, I know I don’t act like a racist but according to the crowds that matter I am a racist, a died in the wool bigot who surrounds himself with the trappings of white supremacy.  Do you think it would help if I splashed a darker color paint over the car?  Even my sycamore tree was trying to tell me I was wrong when it dripped thousands of droplets of sap onto the now dulled finish of my once gleaming car.  

I should have at least listened to Nature...

Friday, August 25, 2017

What We Used to Have

Related imageOur society is devoid of any common sense, mix in political motivations and greed and even the idea of any common sense is reduced to a factor of absolute zero.  Let’s take Haiti for example.  Since the earthquakes of 2011 donations to the little country of 10,000,000 have exceeded 6 billion dollars (with some up to 13 billion) of received and promised money and services.  

That sounds like a hefty figure but when seen from the actual dollars that hit the ground you may want to rethink how your donated dollars are spent.  To date the Haitian government has received only 1%....let that sink in...yes, only 1%, .o1, a penny of every dollar is all they have gotten in help toward humanitarian aid and only between 15 and 20% of long term assistance aid.  In other words there are some who are making a killing out of the devastation of Haiti. How is that “common sense”?

When the average daily income for a working Hatian is only $1.00 per day, the amount that was supposed to have been given equals 600 times that salary for every man, woman and child and could have done astounding things to help that flailing economy and the people that suffer daily.  But because of greed, corruption and dishonesty (mostly from outside Haiti) the Haitians have seen little help at all, despite the 6 Billion raised and promised.  

Haiti is only one example of the direction that society is taking.    It can be said that we have always had problematic issues to contend with, but when you think about the direction we have been taken and the direction we are ourselves pursuing perhaps it’s time to bring out the road map to discover where we are actually going.

If we keep things simple, are we moving forward or backward as a society?  What happens when we reach our destination?  This inexorable shuffle toward an unknown destination may seem idyllic and bucolic but wouldn’t you at least like to know for sure prior to reaching those not so distant shores where we are in fact going?   

There are some concerns in relation to the rumored revolutionary cry by disruptive BLM, Anti-Fa, White Supremacist and a score of others with some talk about what should happen, especially since it’s already happened in America.  Should we be looking back to our own Revolutionary struggles to help guide us through another.

Americans fought for tangible goals; they fought to preserve their traditional rights rather than to overturn an established social order. Ours was a revolution more about home rule than about who should rule at home.

However, the French Revolution was about who should rule at home. They fought for “liberty, equality, and fraternity.” Neither equality nor fraternity can be achieved through force by the state. Perfect equality is elusive and, even if it could be achieved, would be inconsistent with liberty. Whereas Americans struggled for tangible goals, the French took on the Sisyphean task  of striving for abstractions.”   http://www.theimaginativeconservative.org/2013/09/american-vs-french-revolution.html
Perhaps that’s exactly what we are doing, pursuing an abstraction, a dream of something etheriel at best.  We have centered our efforts on areas that cannot be resolved without the foundational standards that we’ve already enacted.  We established the best democracy that man has ever known and for some chaotic reason there are those who believe that our standards of the past are no longer working, when all they need to do is implement those constitutional standards and reset the process started over 250 years ago.
It should be mentioned that at the signing of our Declaration of Independence none of those that signed were declaring a new form of government, they were interested only in de-founding the connection to the Empire of England, not in founding a new government.  That process would start later.  
Why is this distinction important? It is important because those who want to destabilize this government want to do so in the same way the French did and so many other revolutionaries have done in the past, through the process of convolution and confusion.  They want to change only who rules, rather than trying to maintain our ability to rule ourselves.  
Ask yourself, especially if you side with the Anti-fa or BLM or any of the number of organizations that have moved us away from the topics of importance, what has gone wrong?  Is it the foundational principles or is it the idea of something greater, something better, or is it simply because some want to change, what has worked for so many years, that the idea of a revolution has taken hold.  And then ask yourself, who will gain?  Like the money promised to the Haitians, who profits from our chaos and our discord?
For whatever reason  you may not like what we have, perhaps it’s because you do not understand what it is we have, or more clearly stated as, what we used to have.  Thomas Payne, in his book Common Sense laid out the precepts of displeasure we had with our past association with the Monarchy of England and our desire for independence of that authority.  He outlined the differences between government and society with government being an evil that needed to be dealt with, a necessary evil in other words.  Government today is also a necessary evil that most would agree has little interest in the individual and only cares about the process of governing with an ever increasing stipulation to govern more and more with each passing year.  
If there is to be a revolution I pray it will be to reset what was lost and not to reinvent what has already been enacted and proven to be successful over the past 250 years.  Most of the words are already there, all the laws have been established that ensure our security, our peace, our tranquility and the promise of equality, all that’s left to do is to convince your inner mind to act accordingly.  We have the best at our disposal but it’s our refusal to live by those precepts not the precepts that are at fault.
The fault is ours and ours alone.  We have taken the path of least resistance and have created a system of intolerance amidst screams of injustice and racism.  We have allowed a few to control the many, their words erratic and divisive, deriding all that has been accomplished, demeaning all that is good and destroying our great country from within,  

There is discord and disagreement but that is a normal aspect of any democracy.  Now all we have is derision and discord from those who should be focused on bringing us together, not only as they want us to be but as we should be,  Our leaders have abandoned their posts, they have disregarded our Constitutional rule of law and are in the process of dismantling our future, for what?  Some unknown destination? So we can be like every other country?  I’ve been to many of those countries and lived in a few, I want what our forefathers gave us, I want leaders who represent us, who act like true Statsmen and not the sniveling, cowardly reprobates we have now...Maybe this is the time to bring up TERM LIMITS?

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Fascist Dribble

Image result for fascism cartoonThe term fascism has been bandied about a lot lately with most of the bandying being focused on the right.  Trump is a fascist, Bannon is a fascist, all republicans are fascist.  Anyone who disagrees with the positions of the left is a fascist, but what is a fascist?

..in the German election of 1933, the Communist Party was ordered by its leaders to vote for the Nazis -- with the explanation that they could later fight the Nazis for power, but first they had to help destroy their common enemy: capitalism and its parliamentary form of government ("'Extremism,' or The Art of Smearing", September 1964, in Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, pg. 180).

In Hitler’s own words:  “I have learned a great deal from Marxism, as I do not hesitate to admit. The difference between them and myself is that I have really put into practice what these peddlers and penpushers have timidly begun...I had only to develop logically what Social Democracy repeatedly failed in because of its attempt to realize its evolution within the framework of democracy. National Socialism is what Marxism might have been if it could have broken its absurd and artificial ties with the democratic order.”  Hitler to Rauschning, The Voice of Destruction, pg. 186

"There is more that binds us to Bolshevism than separates us from it," said Hitler to Rauschning. "There is, above all, genuine revolutionary feeling, which is alive everywhere in Russia except where there are Jewish Marxists. I have always made allowance for this circumstance, and given orders that former Communists are to be admitted to the party at once. The petit bourgeois Social-Democrat and the trade-union boss will never make a National Socialist, but the Communist always will" Quoting from Rauschning The Voice of Destruction, pg. 131) (Peikoff, 221

There are many other instances of collusion between the Communist of Germany and the developing Natzi Party and they all show the stark similarities between Fascism and Communism.  There is no historical doubt about this issue, Hitler was a Communist who simply wanted the system upgraded.  Fascism is therefore nothing more than Communism on steroids.  

And to remind you all, especially those who favor free access by Muslims into our country and continue to shame all those who want some restraint.  Hitler’s Germany sided with the Muslims during World War II, they shared his ideology and hate of the Jews...Just saying...

In today’s political arena most have no idea of these similarities and fail to see the philosophical cooperation between the socialists/ communist and those actions by many that fall squarely on the side of fascism.   If you were to look at two triangles a scalene and an isosceles all we would see is the stark differences, similar in some respects to the view we’ve been given in respect to the differences between fascism and communism or socialism.  If we introduce a third figure, a square, we are then able to see the stark differences between the two triangles and realize that the triangles are more alike and their similarities are far greater than previously understood.

Our nationalistic media has presented only a very scripted view of fascism and failed to provide the larger picture that allows everyone to see the true nature of what it is, where it came from and how it is more similar to communism that most people have been taught.  

Fascism, like communism or socialism has many different forms.  The differences between Pinochet's government and Franco’s is different but shared no inclination toward racism like Hitler's form of fascism but they were all philosophically the same.  It is the philosophy of control that needs to be considered and then compared to the stark differences of Capitalism that stresses and promotes individual choice and responsibility.

“Fascism stresses the necessity, for which the older doctrines make little allowance, of sacrifice, even up to the total immolation of individuals, in behalf of society...For Liberalism, the individual is the end and society the means; nor is it conceivable that the individual, considered in the dignity of an ultimate finality, be lowered to mere instrumentality. For Fascism, society is the end, individuals the means, and its whole life consists in using individuals as instruments for its social ends.” Alfredo Rocco, "The Political Doctrine of Fascism" (address delivered at Perugia, Aug. 30, 1925); reprinted in Readings on Fascism and National Socialism, pp. 34-35.

For those of you on the left who want to continue to spread these lies you may want to consider the reality of whom you serve. Fascism is a left ideology and has been from the beginning. The White Supremacist are Fascist after the order or Hitler and therefor have as one of it's components, racism and bigotry. Black Lives Matter is also Fascist and to some extent it is also bigoted and exclusionary.  

Donald Trump is a Capitalist, he likes making a profit and he likes establishing a system that works, not only for him but for other Capitalist as well. America is a Capitalist nation and has been from the beginning.  

If your going to denounce the truth through your ignorance or purposeful alteration of the truth please be advised that your efforts will be met with an equal or greater degree of sincerity and physicality when needed to defend, protect and uphold that which we hold true.   Your lies have been fed to you through the slimy spoons of discord by others who would use you for their ends.  Read, study, consider and weigh the consequences of your current mindset.  The consequences for all of us reside not only in your selfish endeavors toward selfish gratification but in your very souls.

“Next to life itself, free agency is God’s greatest gift to mankind.”  Our fight for liberty is not just an ideological necessity, it is so much more.  Our liberty is our salvation, it is our reason for living and our purpose for life,  in a way that proves who we are, what we are and who we want to emulate.  

You have the agency to chose but please take some time to understand your choices or you will be destined to fulfill the designs of others if you do not.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Gaming the Game

Image result for tolerating the intolerant cartoonThere is a new game that has transformative powers.  This game is based on the age old premise of good vs evil with the winner of this game actually being the loser.  When all the points are counted the scoring gives more credence to the weight of the choices rather than the total points accumulated.

What is really interesting is that during the game the players have opportunities to alter the scoring rubric in order to instill a sense of  real life relativism, giving the player excuse points that can mitigate bad choices or bad behaviors chosen during the game.  As the game continues around the board the players realize that the platform is related to real life scenarios and expectation, but it’s those excuse points that put a spin on the mundane aspects of dealing with the real life foundations of the game.

I am taking orders ...Just kidding, and as far as I know there is no such game on the market.  If anyone wants to tackle the project I only require a small percentage based on my idea...However there is a real life game that many seem to want to play.  That game has to deal with the differences of responsibility and the motivations of how we react to what is responsible, who should be responsible and most important, how do we react when others we like or dislike act irresponsibly.  

Part of the real life game, it could be an important part of the board game as well, is the component of blaming.  The blame game is really nothing more than one party blaming another party for acts they don’t like.  In today’s game the level of blame has taken on a life of its own with blame being spread to others who are blameless, mostly to counteract the negative feeling of those who really should be blamed.  

If you have children you will recognize this process.  It is mostly an innocent maturing process that most children go through but it has morphed into a much more insidious practice that has found its way into our society and more succinctly into our lives.  From an innocent reaction of children to an evil attempt to cover up abhorrent behavior, blaming others for actions that you have done or continue to do is explained by Christ, “He that hath no sin, let him cast the first stone.”..No one picked up even a pebble, for they had been taught...

We have the left blaming the right, the democrats blaming the republicans, we have the white supremacist blaming the anti fas and we have the anti fascist acting like the white supremacist.  There is plenty of blame to go around, that’s for sure, but who truly is to blame? Who is responsible and what can you and I do about it?

The blame game is real, we all play it, we all use those excuse points to alter the perceptions of others, generally to make ourselves look better.  We point our fingers and wag our tongues never realizing that we’re acting just like those who we are criticizing and blaming.  The first thing we need to do is realize that regardless of what the others are doing we need to alter our perceptions so that we can more clearly see their perspective.  Having done that we will be able to more fully understand where “they” are coming from.

Part of the blame game includes specially designed dice that when rolled will tabulate your tolerance index.  It is this index that places you in an area of tolerance or intolerance. One major question within the game and society is should we have to accept, or be tolerant of those who we view as being intolerant?  

This subject is a complex issue of personal opinion, power, and political acumen or at least the desire to be adept at making good decisions.  The one issue seen in our society is the unwillingness of our political leaders to take an unpopular stand and I suspect that when dealing with the issue of intolerance vs tolerance most political figures would chose to ignore the entire issue.  How would you deal with those who you don’t like, opinions that fall short of your morality or an ideology that even threatens your own?  

In the game you would simply roll the dice and the decision would be made for you, allowing those who are intolerable or removing them from the game if a roll of snake eyes is achieved.  We do not have that option, and the intricacies of our society and constitution make those seemingly obvious choices not so easy.  There are lots of groups that do not share my ideals or morals but do I have the right to force them to change?  Only if their choices impact my ability to live and breath and exercise my God given rights, then something should be done.

We have forgotten the basic precepts of our constitutional republic and that is to live and let live within the confines of that constitution.  When a group defies those standards and precepts than those in authority must act accordingly and in concert with that constitution.  One problem now is that their are groups and individuals who claim that their way is a better way and everyone should be forced to follow their way.  That is intolerance and not acceptable.  As long as I have the right to pursue my beliefs, my dreams and my opinions without interference and as long as I allow others that same privilege, those we don’t like, agree with, abhor or even hate should be allowed to exist and thrive as we expect from them.  

Anything short of this level of tolerance puts you into the muddy waters section of the board and in that section the risk of total loss is real, the risk of immediate removal from the game is an imminent possibility, it will happen if your actions do not conform with the foundational rules of the game and in our case those foundational rules are our constitution.   

Intolerance is at a new societal high, tolerance for what is dangerous and illogical is also at an all time high leaving the country in a state of bewilderment and constant level of confusion in relation to how to throw the dice, how to react to your opponents rolls and who we can trust.

It’s your turn, roll the dice, hope you don’t get snake eyes but remember if you do you can always use your intolerance points in conjunction with your accumulated excuse points to alter the rules so that no matter what you do you can always be a winner.  Good luck with that.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Peace or Freedom?

Image result for freedom or peace  cartoon

A simple question needs to be asked and answered by all;  what is more important, peace or freedom?

Especially now, and in relation to the impending conflict between the United States and North Korea is peace more important than freedom?  What are we willing to sacrifice for peace or what are we willing to sacrifice for freedom?  Are they held in equal standing or is one more important than the other?

Please answer in complete sentences.  

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Right or Wrong

Image result for right and wrong cartoon

Deciding what is right and good has become nothing more than a political ploy of gaining traction on any given issue.  It has gone well beyond the simple course of morality and now firmly sits within the realm of group dynamics with both the right and the left falling prey to the wish list of resolutions based on political expediency and nothing else.

Most of society has been subjugated by the left’s ideology and precepts of inferiority.  We have become pawns to their whims and commands as they continue to drive our beliefs, our morals and our sovereignty deep within the pit of despair and slavery.  To them we are nothing more than chaff, forgotten workers who toil endlessly for their gain and enjoyment.  Their disdain for the truth is monumental as is their refusal of all things good and wholesome.  

When our society has problems with gender identity the issue of truth defined vs relativism is clearly understood.  Those on the left have little or no defined morality, no specific understanding of what is right or wrong and only govern based on the relativistic premise that all is ok, as long as it’s ok within your framework of understanding, experiences and your continuing to vote along their party lines.

A progressive ideology would have you believe that progress is the ultimate expression of the truth and the need for progress trumps all other concerns.  We need to inquire however, is what they preach progress or simple change?  There is a fundamental difference between the two.  Progress means to advance a cause, a position or an idea toward an understood truth.  While change is simply that, change, not good, not bad per say but simply to change without regard to the conservative model to conserve the truths learned first, then build upon those truths, here a little, there a little, line upon line, albeit slowly at times but with a deliberate purpose toward understanding that truth.

Susan Rice stated that we should accept a nuclear North Korea.  Her statement makes perfect sense from the perspective of her belief system.  For eight years her boss Barack Obama negotiated with the North Koreans and followed their progress toward nuclearization, never intervening or attempting to stop their proliferation of a nuclear arsenal, telling us now that we need to accept the facts as they allowed.  Obama knew of their progress and could have intervened in a number of ways to slow or destroy their capability but now imposing his view, through Rice of acceptance and inevitability.

Accept life as they describe it, let it be, leave it alone, can’t we all just get along, be whatever you want to be and force others to accept whatever you think you want to be.  That is the mantra of the liberalist.  What they don’t tell you is in that process of acceptance and relativism we give up who we really are and are forced to join the throngs of the indecisive and undecided knowing deep within our souls that when we do we also forsake our own individuality and sovereignty.  

There is no God, no purpose in life, no plan of salvation, there is nothing but the progressive agenda that force feeds our souls the dogmatic dribble that nothing matters, there is no truth, no morality and no reason to look beyond our selfish desires.  We are nothing more than animals and only a small part of the natural selection process.  We live, we reproduce, we die, that is our existence according to those who use progress in their name.

I am here to say that we are so much more.  We are a defined creation, a limitless being of unbelievable potential.  I am a child of God with all the rights, privileges and opportunities afforded me within that divine lineage and with that spirit the ability to discern between the dribble of the left and the promises of the right and know that our current leadership in congress shares few if any morality as my own.  

If I am the only one who knows, my promise to myself is to live by those precepts and those principles and to speak out, share and exemplify what I know to be true, despite the screams and derisions heaped upon my head from those within their lofty towers of despair.  You can join me anytime, there is plenty of room next to the tree.  Be careful, there is a mist of darkness that deadens the soul and confuses the senses, hold fast to what you know, deviate not and never give up.  We Can Do This.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bully Tactics

Image result for bully pulpit cartoonDealing with a bully effectively means to disassociate his ability to terrorize and bully.  How we accomplish the above depends on your definition of cruelty and power with some believing that rhetoric is always better than conflict and regardless of how long it takes “jaw, jaw, jaw is better than war, war, war.”  Winston Churchill

At what point does the bully recognize his deeds as terror or when does an individual actually start to understand that what they are doing is wrong?  How long do those who are affected allow the terror to control their lives and disrupt their free expression of life and choice?

Being a bully is a choice, not a great choice for those who get bullied but it is a choice.  Choosing to be a bully may have some serious extenuating conditions but to those who are bullied those conditions mean nothing.  All they care about is the fear, the danger and the daily terror inflicted upon them and the utter hopelessness of trying to dislodge themselves from the grips of those who make them suffer.

Bullies may be born that way or may develop those illicit traits as a result of life experiences but when you’re being bullied does it really matter how the bully got their?  Those deeper questions can and should be answered but not at the time the bullying is taking place.  Stopping the terror should be the primary focus, not a dialogue of hope that may or may not, in the future, have some positive benefits for the already mentally deranged individual.

The psychology of a bully used to be about compensating for a low self esteem but today it is understood that bullies have a sense of entitlement melded with feelings of superiority and a lack of compassion for others.  These profiles seem to change with the weather as do most things, especially if you spend the time to consider history and the events that created our history.  But the basic premise of being a bully has never really changed, it is still the outward attempts of the anti social, impulse deficit, cretins who relish the pain and suffering they cause others.

There are ways to deal with bullies, some better than others.  Your first decision needs to be how to get the suffering to stop and for that the best advice seems to be to ignore the bully.  Good luck on that one.  You may want to hide away or make yourself scarce in order to be forgotten but that does not solve the problem it only puts it on hold.  

Let’s consider a real life, worldwide bully, Kim Jong Un.  Here is a severely entitled individual who is certifiably deranged.  It may have been due to his upbringing and his social ineptness or it may be simply due to his lack of compassion for anything or anybody other than himself, does it really matter?  

He has taken it upon himself to threaten the most powerful nation in the history of mankind and for the first time in over 25 years we have a President that will not be bullied by this despot leader.  But what if he sends a missile  topped with a nuclear warhead to Guam or worse to California?  You need to ask the question, if we fail to confront the bully now what will we have to confront in the future?  Will rhetoric be enough to scale down his threats and return the world to a more peaceful stance.  What happens to those who are watching North Korea and waiting to see how America will react, like Iran, Russia, China etc...how will our decisions at this time affect our future choices and threats?  

My opinion is that we have two choices, both difficult and both dangerous.  The first is we back down and hope for the best.  Never really knowing how those who are aligned with North Korea will interpret our inaction.  Chances are they will be emboldened, leading them to make more egregious threats and an increase in more provocative rhetoric based on our decision not to engage.  Will a decision to ignore be met with less violence or less risk in the future?  I do not think so and I think history supports that premise.  

The second choice is to take a definitive stand.  As the greater power we have the option of attempting to force North Korea’s hand and in a way bully him to stand down and disarm.  This position should have been made years ago, but it wasn’t.  Instead we chose to sit back and ignore the threats and hoped that they would just go away.  

There is a risk but it is my opinion that any action we take now will be less than in the future.  From a stance of power, greater power and threat to their existence, the chances of a peaceful resolution is far greater than a continued process of appeasement and compromise.  

What are we negotiating?  What are we willing to give up to allow North Korea to remain a constant and ever present threat to our sovereignty and safety?  Like with Iran, past leaders tried to appease and please but failed to demand and follow through leaving the rest of us subject to an ever increasing threat because of an ideal of peace from words rather than a peace derived from strength.  

Trump has decided it is better to call them out, like some gunslinger from the old west, knowing he is faster and has a bigger gun but also realizing that any further delay will result in our adversaries having the time to hone their skills, increase their firepower and become emboldened by our fear of action and our cowardly attempt to talk our way out of what has become a real life showdown.

Whether a bully on the playground or a bully on the world wide stage the process is exactly the same.  The consequence are much greater but the steps to defuse the issue should not be minimized because of the level of threat.  Just like the concept of not negotiating with terrorist, negotiating with a bully only creates a scenario of failure, compromising with evil always nets more evil than before.  

There is a risk to standing strong, especially when the position of past leaders was vacillation and rhetoric without strength or position.  I side with Donald Trump and his stance of power and strength and against the bullies of this world that would see us destroyed and forgotten.

Friday, August 4, 2017

The lies we all believe

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Judging anything has turned into a debate based on current ideology and past experiences.  This may sound like a respectable way to discern but booth ideology and experience may sway the reality of what should be seen and obvious by imposing already established biases and preconceived ideas on the current process of judgement.

Like history, many have a tendency to view historical events through a prism clouded by current political and socio economic perspectives without taking into account the specifics of that history and how those who lived through those events perceived and lived.  

Henry Ford it seems did not sell the first car.  He was not even the first to standardize the assembly line but for most those are indisputable facts and a part of their history.  Vikings never  wore horned helmets, that was purely a fictional attribute of the German Opera to increase attendance.   General George Custer fought and lost to under equipped and primitive indians.  The truth is that custer was outgunned and outmaneuvered by a superior and better equipped force.  Most of Custer’s troops were still using bolt action rifles while many of the Indians were using repeating rifles stolen, traded or given to the indians for a profit.  The indians new the value of being prepared, at least in that battle.

History is filled with instances of facts gone wrong, even today we tend to believe in what we want to believe rather than the obvious or logical.  WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) in Iraq, were actually used by Saddam Hussain.  He gassed his own people using WMDs but when it came time to find those weapons, nobody knew what happened to them.  The fact that they could not be found does not alter the reality or the need to remove those threats that were plainly in evidence.

It also seems obvious that when Syria was fighting against its rebels Bashar al-Assad used WMDs in his fight against those rebels.  Was the castigation of former President Bush warranted and are we using the same obscured lenses to view the current President Trump? Does our perspective born of our ideology and insufficient understanding really serve us in making overall judgements, even on issues we think we know everything there is to know?

Regardless of the reasons for misinformation they are present and pervasive.  Just because something  is frequently repeated, and routinely recalled does not make a supposed truth truthful, in fact it can have the opposite effect.  Why do you think that popular commercials are popular?  Why do we listen to the same songs over and over again?  Why do we repeat news we think we like?  Mostly because we simply like what we hear and then believe what we hear and say, simply because we like it.  We become influenced by the sizzle and not the stake, expecting that familiar sound that just so happens to be deep in our mind's eye, that ever present reminder of what we like as opposed to what is right or truthful.  The more we partake of that forbidden fruit the easier and more believable it becomes.  

Frequency plays a major role in how are brains transfer information from short term memory to long term and in the process alters the information to the more permanent status of trustworthy, aka truth, but not really.

As can be evidenced throughout history and in all facets of learning, Man (and women) are wrong about most things, most of the time.  Just like believing that Edison invented the lightbulb.  He did not invent the lightbulb but he perfected the process and made it work for a longer duration, making it marketable to the general public.  It should also be mentioned that Edison’s failures with the lightbulb far out performed his successes, but his perseverance overcame those failures and success and truth was the result, thank goodness he kept trying.

It seems sad to admit that most of us, including me, really don’t have a clue and we take that cluelessness to vaulted heights of superiority when politics is concerned.  The opinions of the day, those oft repeated opinions stream through the ether and somehow become accepted as truth just by virtue of their repetition.  Say something enough and it affects your brain’s ability to judge between what is right and what is comfortable.

Your comfort levels are really nothing more than your brain telling you that this is a safe way to think simply because it’s a way you’ve previously been thinking.  Repetition is a great way to learn but it’s also a great way to fall into the trap of misinformation and false assumptions.

You may want to trick your brain into doing what’s best rather than what you think is right.  “Of the 10 million bits of information that each of our brains process each second, only about 50 bits are devoted to deliberate thought–in other words, 0.0005%. We’re wired notto be ever-vigilant. We’re built to avoid continuous decision-making.” www.fastcompany.com

When your wiring is ineffective then it’s time to rewire the connections of your brain and start to rethink the rote process of predictions vs reality.  Are we really making decisions or have we simply allowed our subconscious to make them for us?  We are wired not to make every decision but there are advantages to moving away from the .0005% of deliberate thought and one of those would be a bit more control over what we think we know into what we actually know.  

It really is time to start thinking purposefully without the autonomous brain ruling what we think, what we believe and how we act.  There is no inner person wanting to come out.  If you actions are mean and selfish, you're a mean and selfish person.  All we have to do is act according to what we want to be and voila the magic of reality takes center stage.  We really are what we do.

If most of what we currently believe is suspect than perhaps our views of our current President are also suspect, to some degree.  Trump is obviously not a “normal” politician and in fact has shown tendencies toward his business acumen, leaving no doubt about his intentions and his motivations.  We cannot judge him based on our preconceived ideas but need to alter our deliberate thoughts and adjust them in relation to what he is and what he is trying to do.

Like him or not is he trying to improve America?  Is he attempting to strengthen this country and in so doing is trying to make this country more safe, less volatile and more prosperous?  Perhaps if we look with a more deliberate and less subconscious manner we will be able to see what he sees and then, and only then can we truly pass judgement.