Saturday, August 12, 2017

Right or Wrong

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Deciding what is right and good has become nothing more than a political ploy of gaining traction on any given issue.  It has gone well beyond the simple course of morality and now firmly sits within the realm of group dynamics with both the right and the left falling prey to the wish list of resolutions based on political expediency and nothing else.

Most of society has been subjugated by the left’s ideology and precepts of inferiority.  We have become pawns to their whims and commands as they continue to drive our beliefs, our morals and our sovereignty deep within the pit of despair and slavery.  To them we are nothing more than chaff, forgotten workers who toil endlessly for their gain and enjoyment.  Their disdain for the truth is monumental as is their refusal of all things good and wholesome.  

When our society has problems with gender identity the issue of truth defined vs relativism is clearly understood.  Those on the left have little or no defined morality, no specific understanding of what is right or wrong and only govern based on the relativistic premise that all is ok, as long as it’s ok within your framework of understanding, experiences and your continuing to vote along their party lines.

A progressive ideology would have you believe that progress is the ultimate expression of the truth and the need for progress trumps all other concerns.  We need to inquire however, is what they preach progress or simple change?  There is a fundamental difference between the two.  Progress means to advance a cause, a position or an idea toward an understood truth.  While change is simply that, change, not good, not bad per say but simply to change without regard to the conservative model to conserve the truths learned first, then build upon those truths, here a little, there a little, line upon line, albeit slowly at times but with a deliberate purpose toward understanding that truth.

Susan Rice stated that we should accept a nuclear North Korea.  Her statement makes perfect sense from the perspective of her belief system.  For eight years her boss Barack Obama negotiated with the North Koreans and followed their progress toward nuclearization, never intervening or attempting to stop their proliferation of a nuclear arsenal, telling us now that we need to accept the facts as they allowed.  Obama knew of their progress and could have intervened in a number of ways to slow or destroy their capability but now imposing his view, through Rice of acceptance and inevitability.

Accept life as they describe it, let it be, leave it alone, can’t we all just get along, be whatever you want to be and force others to accept whatever you think you want to be.  That is the mantra of the liberalist.  What they don’t tell you is in that process of acceptance and relativism we give up who we really are and are forced to join the throngs of the indecisive and undecided knowing deep within our souls that when we do we also forsake our own individuality and sovereignty.  

There is no God, no purpose in life, no plan of salvation, there is nothing but the progressive agenda that force feeds our souls the dogmatic dribble that nothing matters, there is no truth, no morality and no reason to look beyond our selfish desires.  We are nothing more than animals and only a small part of the natural selection process.  We live, we reproduce, we die, that is our existence according to those who use progress in their name.

I am here to say that we are so much more.  We are a defined creation, a limitless being of unbelievable potential.  I am a child of God with all the rights, privileges and opportunities afforded me within that divine lineage and with that spirit the ability to discern between the dribble of the left and the promises of the right and know that our current leadership in congress shares few if any morality as my own.  

If I am the only one who knows, my promise to myself is to live by those precepts and those principles and to speak out, share and exemplify what I know to be true, despite the screams and derisions heaped upon my head from those within their lofty towers of despair.  You can join me anytime, there is plenty of room next to the tree.  Be careful, there is a mist of darkness that deadens the soul and confuses the senses, hold fast to what you know, deviate not and never give up.  We Can Do This.

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