Friday, August 25, 2017

What We Used to Have

Related imageOur society is devoid of any common sense, mix in political motivations and greed and even the idea of any common sense is reduced to a factor of absolute zero.  Let’s take Haiti for example.  Since the earthquakes of 2011 donations to the little country of 10,000,000 have exceeded 6 billion dollars (with some up to 13 billion) of received and promised money and services.  

That sounds like a hefty figure but when seen from the actual dollars that hit the ground you may want to rethink how your donated dollars are spent.  To date the Haitian government has received only 1%....let that sink in...yes, only 1%, .o1, a penny of every dollar is all they have gotten in help toward humanitarian aid and only between 15 and 20% of long term assistance aid.  In other words there are some who are making a killing out of the devastation of Haiti. How is that “common sense”?

When the average daily income for a working Hatian is only $1.00 per day, the amount that was supposed to have been given equals 600 times that salary for every man, woman and child and could have done astounding things to help that flailing economy and the people that suffer daily.  But because of greed, corruption and dishonesty (mostly from outside Haiti) the Haitians have seen little help at all, despite the 6 Billion raised and promised.  

Haiti is only one example of the direction that society is taking.    It can be said that we have always had problematic issues to contend with, but when you think about the direction we have been taken and the direction we are ourselves pursuing perhaps it’s time to bring out the road map to discover where we are actually going.

If we keep things simple, are we moving forward or backward as a society?  What happens when we reach our destination?  This inexorable shuffle toward an unknown destination may seem idyllic and bucolic but wouldn’t you at least like to know for sure prior to reaching those not so distant shores where we are in fact going?   

There are some concerns in relation to the rumored revolutionary cry by disruptive BLM, Anti-Fa, White Supremacist and a score of others with some talk about what should happen, especially since it’s already happened in America.  Should we be looking back to our own Revolutionary struggles to help guide us through another.

Americans fought for tangible goals; they fought to preserve their traditional rights rather than to overturn an established social order. Ours was a revolution more about home rule than about who should rule at home.

However, the French Revolution was about who should rule at home. They fought for “liberty, equality, and fraternity.” Neither equality nor fraternity can be achieved through force by the state. Perfect equality is elusive and, even if it could be achieved, would be inconsistent with liberty. Whereas Americans struggled for tangible goals, the French took on the Sisyphean task  of striving for abstractions.”
Perhaps that’s exactly what we are doing, pursuing an abstraction, a dream of something etheriel at best.  We have centered our efforts on areas that cannot be resolved without the foundational standards that we’ve already enacted.  We established the best democracy that man has ever known and for some chaotic reason there are those who believe that our standards of the past are no longer working, when all they need to do is implement those constitutional standards and reset the process started over 250 years ago.
It should be mentioned that at the signing of our Declaration of Independence none of those that signed were declaring a new form of government, they were interested only in de-founding the connection to the Empire of England, not in founding a new government.  That process would start later.  
Why is this distinction important? It is important because those who want to destabilize this government want to do so in the same way the French did and so many other revolutionaries have done in the past, through the process of convolution and confusion.  They want to change only who rules, rather than trying to maintain our ability to rule ourselves.  
Ask yourself, especially if you side with the Anti-fa or BLM or any of the number of organizations that have moved us away from the topics of importance, what has gone wrong?  Is it the foundational principles or is it the idea of something greater, something better, or is it simply because some want to change, what has worked for so many years, that the idea of a revolution has taken hold.  And then ask yourself, who will gain?  Like the money promised to the Haitians, who profits from our chaos and our discord?
For whatever reason  you may not like what we have, perhaps it’s because you do not understand what it is we have, or more clearly stated as, what we used to have.  Thomas Payne, in his book Common Sense laid out the precepts of displeasure we had with our past association with the Monarchy of England and our desire for independence of that authority.  He outlined the differences between government and society with government being an evil that needed to be dealt with, a necessary evil in other words.  Government today is also a necessary evil that most would agree has little interest in the individual and only cares about the process of governing with an ever increasing stipulation to govern more and more with each passing year.  
If there is to be a revolution I pray it will be to reset what was lost and not to reinvent what has already been enacted and proven to be successful over the past 250 years.  Most of the words are already there, all the laws have been established that ensure our security, our peace, our tranquility and the promise of equality, all that’s left to do is to convince your inner mind to act accordingly.  We have the best at our disposal but it’s our refusal to live by those precepts not the precepts that are at fault.
The fault is ours and ours alone.  We have taken the path of least resistance and have created a system of intolerance amidst screams of injustice and racism.  We have allowed a few to control the many, their words erratic and divisive, deriding all that has been accomplished, demeaning all that is good and destroying our great country from within,  

There is discord and disagreement but that is a normal aspect of any democracy.  Now all we have is derision and discord from those who should be focused on bringing us together, not only as they want us to be but as we should be,  Our leaders have abandoned their posts, they have disregarded our Constitutional rule of law and are in the process of dismantling our future, for what?  Some unknown destination? So we can be like every other country?  I’ve been to many of those countries and lived in a few, I want what our forefathers gave us, I want leaders who represent us, who act like true Statsmen and not the sniveling, cowardly reprobates we have now...Maybe this is the time to bring up TERM LIMITS?

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