Friday, September 29, 2017

Down on Taxes, Up on Revenues

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Raise the Taxes, lower the taxes.  Every few years we are faced with the same cries from our leaders, they either want to raise our tax burdens or raise the spending on increased revenues because of lower taxes.  Like some Evil YOYO ebbing and flowing up and down, spinning it’s influence over the rest of us as a few at the top wield their control, laughing and complaining as needed to sustain their power over our lives.

The evidence of the benefits of lowering the countries taxes is beyond debate, kind of like the global warming, cooling, climate change, fixed science “debate”, except this science has real, duplicatable and verifiable evidence to support that science.  Since 1918 the tax rates have risen and dropped significantly and in each instance the results have been the same.  When you lower the tax burden the revenues increase for everyone, including the Federal Government.

It sounds counter-intuitive but the economic principles are sound, as the following graph illustrates:

President Kennedy said “that lowering taxes was the surest path to full employment and lower deficits.”  His efforts were politically motivated due to tensions with the business community and within his own party and not entirely altruistic but he was able to secure the tax breaks and the economic windfall was staggering. 

Lowering taxes works to stimulate the economy, raising taxes has the opposite effect.  The science behind these duplicatable results are so profound and clear the question is raised, why do we alter the tax burden so often and for reasons that are not supported by the economic science?  The simple reason is politics, the more complex answer is within the politics of power and control, who wants the power and how to they control? 

When the supposed motivation of the Liberal Left is to provide for the needy and downtrodden, the less fortunate and those who need a step up out of poverty, then you would think that improved economic conditions would be their seminal cry but it’s not.  If it were, than a decrease in the overall tax base would have direct beneficial effects on their claimed constituency, bridging the gap between the rich and poor, while providing greater resources for increases in government funded programs.  We all know that the politics of the left has changed and the poor are no longer the motivation for their services but their desire to maintain control is directly tied to higher taxes, that has not changed.

By lowering taxes both parties get what they want, if what they want is to help us be more independent and financially secure; there is serious doubt on that level of motivation.  The problem with this scenario is in not in what our politicians say but what they do and not do.  A great example is the newest round of Health Care debates.  Conservatives in Congress have promised for eight years to REPEAL and REPLACE Obama Care but now are for some unknown reason are unable to deliver, even with a majority in the House and Senate.  Their words mean nothing but their inability to act is beyond question, their motivation is not within the realm of a statesmen but falls squarely within the negative political arena of self-interest and egotism.  Both political parties have fallen prey to the trappings of power, succumbing to those accessories without regard to the needs of those they represent. 

Taxes, health care, race relations, inner city progress, NFL, and a score of other issues that could be improved through the ongoing commerce of words but instead these issues and the plight of our country have been reduced to the divisive rhetoric of self-interest over the substance and importance of the individual.    Taxes, lower taxes, help the individual directly by improving funding through increases in revenues to not only the federal government but to virtually all areas of funding need.  Less taxes means more opportunities for self-determination and greater outlook on life in general. 

The statistics of Tax decreases are unsalable, but the effects of those decreases on the theology of the Left are devastatingly obvious.  From the position of power, high taxes fit the profile similar to those of  both the drug addict and the despicable supplier.  Both are caught within the web of dependency with the addict dependent on the supplier for his daily fix, the supplier for the income and power he has over those who are his customer base. 

Politics, like the drug trade has focused their attention on how to maintain their power and more importantly how to increase that level of power through whatever means possible, even when their own freedoms will be placed at risk.  The drug of power is absolute and too many of our elected leaders and those appointed are addicted absolutely. 

Lowering taxes has always been a temporary remedy.  Taxes can be altered when any party has control, which incidentally is why we have the statistics to prove that lower taxes helps the country and the individual, if spending is kept under control that is.  What we need is a standard, a set pattern of taxation that does not change, is not altered by each party’s whim or desire, maybe a constitutional amendment?

What we need is a consistent process of responsible and reliable representation, um, yah, good luck on that one.  For now, I guess, lower taxes, even in the short term are better than nothing at all…

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