Friday, September 1, 2017

The inevitability of certainty

Image result for gender  cartoonExplain this to me, Please...All children (98%) of all children are born with either Male parts or female parts and more specifically with either XY or XX chromosomes, and yes I know there are exception, but stick with me here.  Their genetic markers are intact as Male or Female, even when their parts are ambiguous, so what's the issue in accepting what you are?

I drive a Toyota.  I could change the color, add new paint, change the smell of the car, add  new tires or any of a thousand addition in an attempt to alter car into something other than the Toyota but I will never be able change it into a Mercedes.  I can even add the Mercedes insignia to let people know that I'm not satisfied with my Toyota.  

I could, at great expense, change all the parts of the Toyota with those from a Mercedes and then create a Mercedes but that process in life is impossible to do.  You cannot change your molecular sex, you cannot deny who you really are despite how many paint jobs you have, or symbols you put on your hood or like so many attempt to do, make others accept who you think you are by forcing them to call you a Mercedes, when you are structurally and foundationally a Toyota.  

Act anyway you want, live anyway you want but you will never be what you think you want, we are all what we were born to be...Live with it… and understand your potential to accomplish whatever you desire exists despite your issues with identity.  Oh and by the way, if you really can’t change what you are, stop demanding that I accept you for what you think you are but can never be, instead rely upon me to treat you with civility and the respect that all should receive regardless of your current mental state of deniability.  

Harsh?  Maybe, but so is the pathetic attempts by so many as they try  to alter their being by the simple process of voicing a choice over the reality of what they are...It reminds me of some altruistic god who simply speaks and those changes miraculously occur.  So unless your that god, you may want to rethink your delusion and come back down to the reality of life.

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