Monday, October 2, 2017

Loss of life

Image result for las vegas shooting cartoonTo the individual who lost a loved one during the horrific shooting in Las Vegas the only perspective that matters is how to they feel and how are they are going to cope with this loss and the unanswerable questions of why?   

Their feelings have nothing to do with politics or even the motivations of this now dead, severely troubled individual; this is a deeply personal matter of grief, born of tragedy and culminated in the final loss of a loved one.  To humans this is the ultimate source of grief, the supreme sacrifice of self to have to go on living without the connections and physical presence of the other. 

This is a time for selfishness and introspection, with a good measure of self-pity and deep sorrow.  Most, if asked, have little understanding of what happens after death with only a slim hope of what might be waiting for those who have passed away.  This sorrow, this grief and this selfishness is a measure of that lack of understanding and our deep hope that we will not be left alone, nor those who are gone will not be forgotten.

 Already the press reports are insinuating toward one type of ideology or another without much sincere emphasis on the mental instability of the individual.  We so want our side to be vindicated that we overlook the feelings of those affected. Theirs is a real loss, a tangible separation, an intense sense of loneliness and sadness.  In contrast ours is mostly the desire not to be blamed. 

This issues advertised from the media will include, as it always seems to do, Gun Control, Liberalism vs Conservatism, the Right or the Left, Free Speech and the need for more intensive laws to stem this tide of violence as blamed on either side of the political spectrum.  But what of those who suffer now, what of those that fail to see a way forward or those that are consumed by guilt or sorrow, what of them? 

The future will progress, one way or another, but for now, for the living, surviving individuals, not the 58 or so that have perished, but the one, pick one, he or she that is left behind, they need our help now. 

Do not let the Press tell you what to believe, I think they have proven their unworthiness enough to know that their motivations are not ours.  Choose one to help, help in any way you can.  The Media will not help, they never really help, they only profit from these tragic circumstances.  It is these, the survivors that need our help, they all need our help, choose one who you will help and forsake the political efforts to sway this tragedy one way or another for ratings or profits or political gain or anything other than the needs of those who are directly affected.

Send a flower, a card, a note of sympathy.  Send a dollar, cut their lawn, or wash their car, do something, anything is better than watching the Media bend the reality of this tragedy into something that it is not.  When we Serve those in need we gain our own perspective and insight into the lives of those who needed our help, and in so doing we are made better, stronger and able to withstand the inevitable tragedies of life as they are forced to do now.

Our Country, this Country is at its best when we are faced with challenges.  We put aside our religious differences, our political ideologies and our personal feelings and simply, without question move to help.  We decide. We move. We act. We serve those in need and those in need are our neighbors, our relatives, our friends, but even if you don’t have any association they are your fellow countrymen and brothers and sisters under God. 

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