Thursday, November 16, 2017

Judging Moore or less

Related imageJudge Roy Moore, the embattled Senate Candidate may be guilty, and he may not be.  His behaviors when he was younger were at best marginal.  No one, in a stable and right state of mind trolls for teenage girls at the age of 31.  Despite the laws of Alabama that allowed for consent at the age of 16 the decisions that Judge Moore made during those years brings his entire life into question.

What Roy Moore is being accused of, within the law, is not the question.  There is a morality, a societal expectation that has been crossed and Judge more has yet to explain his actions in a way that helps others to understand his reasoning, but the larger issue is when do we, all of us, forgive or start to forgive the actions of another?  I am not talking about the Weinstein’s of the world, for their actions fall into the category of unforgivable to such an extent that trusting them in almost every regard is beyond our ability, but forgiveness perhaps is not.   It is also apparent that we, the public, care very little about the rule of law when those who rule portion out to some and excoriate others not based on law but on whim and self-pleasure. 

There is a larger issue here, an issue that has transformed the face of this nation so profoundly that the very threads that hold us together are being systematically unraveled.  Thread by thread the standards that were once understood have become tattered to the point of shredding the tapestry that is America.

Determining the truth, about anything, has become a marginalized exercise of opinion, feelings and a situational, shifting paradigm.  Those that benefit from these variances of fact are those who do not want to be judged by what they do, what they’ve done or what they plan on doing in the future.  But they do want a continuation of the dismantling of what our Founders created so they can continue to act immorally and illegally; when there are no laws then no laws can be broken, that seems to be their justification and purpose.

I have no idea what motivated Judge Moore to date young girls, even if he did ask the parent’s permission, or what motivated the parents to agree.  I also wonder about the ideals of those who want to destroy him without the benefit of what he has accomplished in his life after those early years.  Is what we negatively do in life a permanent spot on our total existence, or is there a way toward forgiveness?  Are we so jaded and biased politically that regardless of what good a person has done, the negatives will always outweigh those good acts, leaving that person, or any of us stripped naked before the judgment bar of society with only our bad deeds emblazoned before us? 

It is this current political trend, a practice perfected by the Liberals to destroy the character of all who profess, act or live by moral standards.  There is a simplicity to standing on the sidelines screaming obscenities and accusing or condemning the actions of another, based on their standards, while others absolve themselves from any self-incrimination from their own malevolent actions.  Life should not be that simple.  It takes an effort to do good, it takes purpose to act responsibly and it takes a deep seeded desire to overcome the natural tendencies of Man.

The people of Alabama will decide if they want Judge Moore to represent them in the Senate.  The current polls tell us that he has a chance to overcome the seemingly negative smears on his character.  He may yet prevail but again the question of his innocence and culpability and the timing of these issues need to be considered.  

We have morphed into achieving our gains at any cost.  The Democrats are masters at achieving their goals by any means.  The Republicans are learning these tactics as well, creating an imbalance between the lives of their constituencies and their own selfish desire to remain in power.   The problem, however, is the trickle-down effects that eventually find their way into the minds and hearts of the general public.

We have already seen the effects of those from Hollywood as they accused their perpetrators of gross sexual misconduct.  These are powerful people who found it easy to exploit the often-misguided desires of others who wished for fame and fortune for their own base desires, with many others remaining quiet as they continued their lustful pursuits.

None of us are perfect and none of us should judge to such a degree that perfection is required.  But we should not be silent, we should not blindly move through life, ignorant of the dealings of others, pursuing our own goals despite the damage our inaction causes others.

We have lost our goodwill towards others who disagree with us because we have lost our will to do good.  Selfishly we align ourselves with others who agree with our short-sighted motivations and only do so as long as they agree.  This isn’t about compromise, this is about confrontation and victory and not just a victory but a total annihilation of opposing ideas, thoughts and any rules or laws that curtail their illicit and immoral actions and desires.

This is truly about Good vs Evil, not Democrat vs Republican.  We see similarities in both parties and an inexorable shift by both parties toward the outskirts of human decency.  What we need to do is fight back by creating in ourselves a strong desire to do good, to be honest, and kind and strong against the pervasiveness and rampant immorality. 

We need to think like warriors who are faced with overwhelming odds of a greater force, but with the knowledge and understanding that if we remain true we will be victorious.  We do not fight alone, and this battle will not be lost but we must stand and fight or else we have no chance to save our souls or our families.

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