Thursday, January 25, 2018

The DACA Dilemma

Image result for DACA cartoonThe logic of DACA is beyond my ability to comprehend, at least from a national perspective.  There are arguments in favor of offering support to those who were brought to this country against their will and for the time they have had to endure living here.  Our country does have some responsibility, at least from a humanitarian perspective.

But beyond these two extreme positions, the answers to the problems associated with DACA are fairly simple, when we can decide what our goals are for our country.  The problem with making a simple determination is often stalled by the complicated, political motivations that have nothing to do with the health and well being of the instituted citizenry but have everything to do with what we call forced, charitable, benevolence, a condition that for some require all of us to pay, whether we agree or not.  See current California Attorney General for a great perspective.

Year after year the United States has lead the world in allowing immigrants to enter.  Germany currently is at the number two spot.  In relation to the percentage of the population, the two top countries are Vatican City and the United Arab Emirates.  Most of the world wants to come to the America or Germany but the issue should never be who wants to come but who should be allowed to come.

In relation to DACA and the associated policy of allowing undefined families to immigrate after the acceptance of one immigrant the issues of social engineering or is it political manipulation must be considered in relation to the fundamental question of what makes an American, or German or what criteria are needed to substantiate the definition of a country. 

From the standpoint of most countries, a country has often been defined by the ethnicity of its populations.  This is not a racist attempt toward exclusion of one race or people over another but a simple statement of historical fact.  When you went to Sweden, again in the past, you expected to find Swedes on every corner, speaking Swedish.  The same is true for Peru or Chad or any other defined country of the world.  But there are some that do not follow those racist trends and at the top of the list has always been the United States.

To speak of the United States as racist is to defy the very definition of what and who we are.  We are accepting, welcoming, helpful, generous and for the most part, have had incredibly open borders to all those who needed to come.  But again, historically we have always had a reason or goal for that acceptance, we wanted those who would make us better.  We wanted skilled workers, individuals who wanted to become American, wanted to uphold our laws, love our freedoms and work together with those who came before to continue the process of creating the best country in the world.

I am not totally against DACA, but I am against those who stand in front of Disneyland and shout obscenities about how unfair America has been, or how cruel we are for not rolling over for their unconstitutional demands.  Let’s make this really clear:  1. They were brought here illegally, not their fault, but they did not come legally. 2.  They have lived here and in many cases, have been given assistance beyond what legal citizens have been given. 3.  They are involved in a greater percentage of crime and have disrupted the economic opportunities of those who have a legal right to live here and work here.

The statistics are also clear, DACA and most undocumented, illegal immigrants are a strain on our economy, our health systems, our educational systems and they will continue to be for years to come.  Not all DACA recipients fall into the same category but until the United States creates a more clear and defined immigration policy and specific criteria that let the world know what we want as a country there will be no easy solution for the DACA problem.  Once we know who we want the process of determination is simplified.  Some can stay because they are what we want but others will have to go or at least understand what they will have to learn and become in order to stay.  This process will not be an easy one. But when the United States develops a clear message to the world regarding immigration, immigration will no longer be an issue, as long as we can control our borders that is.   

America has always been a welcoming country and will continue but if we fail to define the essential aspects of who and what we want we will suffer like many countries in Europe and be inundated by the hoards who only want what they want and have no desire to become what their host countries are providing. 

Sweden is quickly losing its identity, England has tried to downplay the disruption of its growing populations, Germany is fighting to retain its sovereignty and like France is faced with increased violence and lawlessness.  There is a county that wants to retain its culture, its independence and has succeeded.  Poland has not accepted the hoards of immigration and has retained its culture and its freedoms and should be considered a shining light to the world of what it takes to fight against the evils of Islam and growing incursions into our everyday life, our moralities, and our sacred religious beliefs.

DACA was a creation of the left to increase its voter base.  We can be compassionate, we can be helpful, but we need to make all our citizens safe and law abiding.  That is impossible when those who are screaming the loudest openly defy the laws and disproportionally disregard those laws.  DACA needs to be held accountable.  Those who want to become valued citizens need to follow the law, like all of us need to follow the laws of this great land. 

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