Sunday, February 4, 2018

NFL (No Freaking Learning)

Related imageForget about the Superbowl, and forget about the drama of the "memo"  We have other problems, problems left unattended will shift our lives toward the 3rd world faster than the NFL can drop to one knee.

This is not a new problem but an issue that has been years in the making and has to do with how we educate our children.   The true nature of education in the United States is nothing more than a fraudulent shadow of subterfuge and deception.  Children’s needs and teachers plea's go unheeded as the once great institution of learning continues to fall and miserably fail under the specter of abject complacency and money hungry administrators.  Billions are spent and billions are wasted on the frivolous and inconsequential designs of a magic “program”, hoping that, at least one, fanciful expenditure will create that long hoped for solution that will create beautiful minds of promise while filling the silk-lined pockets of its creators.

Education has eliminated the need to learn and replaced that essential aspect of knowledge with the disproven and often damaging prospect of testing.  Testing has transformed the universal prospect of an educated populous into a statistically driven business that heightens the act of the test to a supreme status, diminishing education and the associated knowledge destroying the heavenly achievement of learning, just to learn.

It is important to evaluate our present levels and to gauge our understanding in order to more effectively plan how to learn or teach but the prospect of testing and grading is repugnant to the simple and humble process of learning.  In life, we learn from our mistakes and our successes, the grading of our lives never ends, so why do we test and then move on.  We may obtain an A+ in some areas of our lives and a D or worse in others but those grades never determine our placement for the future.  A grade is only a snapshot of where we are now not for the rest of forever.

Testing a student in math or science is essential in order to understand those present levels of understanding but almost universally those grades are static and fixed points of failure with only the top tier students gaining success and future promise of success.  A good example would be using a simple bell curve of any class to illustrate how testing does not achieve learning success.    Approximately 16% of all students excel in any given subject. (those earning a B or better) the rest of the students achieve substantially less on each test, receiving a grade of C or worse.   For those who achieved, they have learned most of what was taught for the test making them think that they know.

In many districts, the mandate from administration is simply "we are failing too many students" and the response by the teachers, who already do more with less, who are straddled with liberal policies that fail to support them in their classes creating a rise in violence and student defiance, is to simply give less "F's"

The real problem is the test and in how it is used.  Testing is a good thing when it is used to gauge how to teach that student what he or she does not know.  Testing to grade may be OK in college when the cost of that education is entirely up to the student but in the lower grades testing to grade has no merit when learning is the goal.

Education in the United States is falling further and further behind almost every other industrialized nation and many poorer countries as well and the reason for that failure is simply because we do not demand that our student learn.  We test, we drill, we advance with only partial understanding and expect our children to be able to build an entire house with only 40, 50 or even 70% of the needed materials.  It can’t be done.  One can build a livable and safe enclosure with less if the list is complete but no one can build a life of promise when a substantial portion of the needed information is missing.

A little learning is a dangerous thing; 
Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring:
There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,
And drinking largely sobers us again.

And for those who do not fully understand, the statement above was first coined by Alexander Pope, an 18th Century poet (21 May 1688 – 30 May 1744).

And for those who need further explanation, Pope is telling us all that it’s better not to drink or learn at all unless we're willing to drink deep from that well and learn deeply.  For those who only suck the bug infested upper waters will forever have bugs in their teeth.  Ignorance is bliss some say and perhaps their right for once you start to learn ignorance is lost and the only way toward bliss is to embrace the light of learning, drinking deeply from the well of all knowledge.

Image result for education and the NFL cartoonsOne reason that the NFL has behavior issues is directly related to the level of learning that was forsaken by the players. Their lack of respect for the country, their lack of respect for themselves and others is evident by their actions and their ignorance of what they have, what they've been given and most importantly what they do not understand about freedom, liberty, and opportunity. 

NO ONE SHOULD BE WATCHING THE SUPERBOWL TODAY.  Will it matter who wins or looses, especially if we lose the America we have?  Take a knee, not to the gods of football but to the God above and watch something else instead...

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