Saturday, March 31, 2018

Flat Earth Sphere

Image result for flat earth theory cartoonThe philosophical question of what is right is becoming an issue of more importance, especially in relation to the current variances within the topic of Truth.  Knowledge plays a pivotal role in establishing a framework that assists us in the determination of those often-speculative avenues toward certainty, and the accumulation of knowledge provides a pattern of learning that if followed can expand the inquisitive mind.

In a perfect world, all knowledge would be understood as a gateway toward better understanding, with an understanding also that all knowledge is incomplete.  But when knowledge is marginalized or forsaken because of erroneous beliefs the foundational principles of the theory of truth crumbles and prevents knowledge from expanding.

The Flat Earth Society believes the earth is flat and they have created an elaborate system of “proofs” to help others see what they see.  The problem, the overwhelming evidence, the knowledge that is being ignored to promote the delusion that the earth is flat and the lengths to create a new level of truth based on erroneous facts, like,  there is no gravity, the earth is only 5-10 miles deep, there is a massive ice shelf surrounding the entire flat planet and the conspiracy that the world governments prevent exploration beyond the ice shelf, help to illustrate those problems.

Gender Identity is another flawed philosophy.  With millions worldwide falling prey to the idea that despite your genetic certainty of being Male or Female you can redefine the role of humanity by simply invoking the declaration of what you want to be.  The act of identifying with a certain group or belief is not the issue, it becomes a problem when those delusions transcend the realities of fixed science and propel the certainty into the chaotic realm of whatever one wishes, further fragmenting the standards of reality, just because.

Other areas of concern could be Global Warming, or the immigration issue, or the politicization of Gun control or abortion rights Etc...

We have become a society that fails to respect the standards of the past and instead promote a life without limits, a life without restrictions or boundaries, never considering that those boundaries help to define our very existence and our future.

We no longer fear a God above or our parents and instead have a great abhorrence toward all things that we used to hold in high regard.  

What is right?  What is wrong?  How far do we go in the pursuit of our own truths, despite the evidence of established truth?  Knowledge helps but when we forsake that knowledge and create our own definitions of right and wrong we turn away from truth and the possibility of ever recognizing it. 

Opinions mean nothing in the context of truth.  And the knowledge gained has no benefit when faith is not utilized to mediate between opinion and fact.

It is my opinion that the sun is only a figment of our collective imagination and that our existence is only the imagination of some unknown, greater being.  If I gain a following and convince others that my opinion is fact, does that make what I proclaim the truth?  If you agree with the above please send the deed to your house and sell all your positions and give them to me so you can be listed amongst the chosen. Then sacrifice your life to my needs and desires.  

It’s been done, and it will most likely be done again in some form or another, but it does not make it true.  Knowledge should be the pursuit of the truth and our faith in that process should be the center of our lives. 

I am not proclaiming the truth about anything except in the process of obtaining the truth.  Knowledge has to be founded in the goal of a complete understanding, the truth, or in the process toward that goal but when that knowledge is proved wrong or incorrect or has no basis in previous facts already understood then perhaps our efforts in those areas should be discontinued.  Keep in mind that there are many areas of study in virtually every area of study that produces more questions than answers, helping us all to understand that we are a long way from a complete understanding.

The Flat Earth Society, however, is not one of them.  We have amassed volumes of data to support the claim that the earth is a spherical body, amidst other spherical planets and moons to lay to rest the need to search for evidence of a flat earth.

Where do beliefs and facts intersect?  How do we distinguish between what we believe but cannot prove and the facts around us that may not support what we believe?

Belief – An opinion or judgment in which a person is fully persuaded.  If that is what you believe, then you are a believer.  But believing in something that is true despite the facts in evidence requires more.  facts can be wrong or inconclusive and we already know that "most people are wrong about most things most of the time."

Faith = ( Belief + Action + Confidence ) is the action behind the belief but those acts must be in relation to doing good or else your actions mean nothing and produce nothing.

When we integrate knowledge and the search for truth the process of learning takes on a level of understanding and purpose.  In science, we often move down pathways that take us to a dead end.  That is a natural course of discovery.  We then regroup and refocus our efforts toward a different set of problems.  We have Faith in the overall process and we have confidence that we will reach our goal.  We believe in our theory and our persuaded fully in that theory, even though we have no proof, at this time.

Too often we spend our time on meaningless thoughts and unproductive actions.  Perhaps it’s time to take stock of the evidence before us, reevaluate our positions and refocus our efforts toward positive pursuits. 

Our generations are steeped in selfish endeavors and dreams of being or becoming something, without any thought of the knowledge already established that would help us know what we are.  We are addicted to social media and to porn, too involved in our own lives to recognize the lives of others.  It’s time to expand our horizons and develop new habits of selflessness and service so that we can recognize the true nature of knowledge and the benefits of building upon the wisdom of those who came before.  

Saturday, March 24, 2018

ineffectual Infrastructure

Image result for infrastructure cartoon1.3 trillion dollars may not sound like a lot of money and in relation to what this country needs, it is not. 

I trillion is 1000 billion, a number that is unfathomable to most.  When our minds are excited to find a forgotten $5-dollar bill in a pair of pants the leap toward thinking about a trillion is well beyond our ability to comprehend. 

My wife and I drive the greater Los Angeles freeways and have done so for over 40 years.  The quality of these roads has plummeted and, in many cases, has degraded to dangerous levels.  Just yesterday while driving up the 215 to the 60 I thought we had blown a tire.  The car was wobbling, and I was forced to slow down from my usual 65 or 70 to 50 mph.  I was driving in the HOV lane at the time and the traffic was heavy.  As the car started to shake I was sure that our front tire was about to disengage, fly off and careen across lanes, plowing through some unexpecting drivers windshield and cause a major traffic event.

The wobbling and shaking slowed a bit and then subsided as the quality of the road improved.  But as you drive the extensive highway system around Los Angeles you soon realize that the new roads or improved roads are rare with most roads and highways far from safe. 

Due to years of neglect the roads and interstates systems, the water systems, dams and levees need to be rebuilt at a staggering cost of up to 4.6 trillion.  If we include power transfer systems and an upgraded military, Dams, river and streams and the local needs to upgrade sewers and water delivery the costs sore to beyond unfathomable levels to impossible to obtain levels.

We all understand that we need to fix our country and upgrade our infrastructure but the question of why was simple maintenance allowed to lapse?   The simple answer is, those in power did not see the value of spending the billions needed at the time, passing the buck of responsibility down the road until we now are faced with a critical mass of issues that if not fixed will result in catastrophic consequences. 

You may not agree with Trump signing the budget but when you look at the national security issues facing this country and the associated infrastructure needs, the crumbling roads, the failing sewer systems and our vulnerable bridges, dams and power grid, what choice did he have, especially in relation to his dual-party opposition to anything Trump?

We all know that most of the money in this bloated budget will be wasted and spent on political maneuvering, but Trump was able to increase our nation’s Military readiness and in so doing is able to start some of his projects that will hopefully move this nation toward a solid backbone of infrastructure and community readiness.  Somebody had to step up and take the hit, take the responsibility and make the hard decisions to secure our future.  Trump did what he thought was right.  You may not agree but at least he did something and that’s a lot more than his predecessors have done over the last 26 years.

Imagine buying a house and then finding out that the structure of the house is riddled with problems.  Termites have been feasting on the support beams, water damage has eroded the foundational slab, the heating system works but just barely because it was never cleaned or maintained.  The water system gurgles and spurts cloudy water and most of the outside of the house has gone unattended for years leaving the property exposed.

I would buy the house because I can fix it, but most could not because the cost to restore the house is beyond their budget and beyond their financial means.  Our country is that house, it needs to be repaired, upgraded and restored.  Failure to act now will result in catastrophic failures like the wobbling tire of my car as it drove over uneven roads. The damage to our security, our freedom of movement and our ability to move about freely will all be compromised if nothing is done, as nothing was done to secure our safety under the last three, two-term Presidents.

Both parties are blaming each other for this lack of past concern of kicking the can but from the standpoint of who was in control and how the dollars approved were spent the GOP has less culpability than does the Dems.  Social programs are important but are they more important than being able to access fresh water, more important to cross a bridge to get to work or being able to flip the switch and turn on your power?

Both parties are to blame for not acting when they should have acted and not acting in our best interest.  Both parties squandered their responsibilities for false power and empty promises and both parties are following the blame game in an attempt to further their agenda of self-interest rather than choosing America for Americans.

At least Trump is thinking about us…Don’t you agree?

Monday, March 12, 2018

The Logic of the Left

Image result for logic of the left cartoonThe logic of the left, they must have some, they must acknowledge that logic within reason and within the context of an overall plan of action.  The left has plenty to say about what others do or don’t do but what does the left do?

Let’s start with the overall position of the left in relation to Social Justice.  Can anyone define Social Justice?  What is it and to what extent is the American left trying to impose their views of Justice on society?  That definition changes with who you're talking to but in general and from the view of the left Social Justice includes the process of re-distribution, taking from those that have and giving it to those who do not.  Social Justice also includes the terms Common Good, Equality and Compassion.  Each of these words denotes a higher level of thinking and action but what the left leaves out is the freedom to act and the choice not to act.

The logic of the left always manipulates others to act according to their definition of what should be done and leaves little choice in relation to our freedom to act on our own.  That is not logic that’s a mandate enforced by laws, taxes, fees, rules, and legislation that seem to be endless and ever-changing.

Social Justice is an important concept and was introduced by the Catholics in 1840 and I can understand their use of the word as it relates to the motivation of doing God’s work and the need to make the right choices in adherence to be more God-like.  When you are forced or mandated to be Godlike then there is no justice, no choice and no benefit to society in general, in short not a logical move toward a better society.

In the area of Immigration, the left screams about social justice and the need to apply our laws to all who illegally come across our borders, even extending the right to vote to those who are not citizens, giving them the power to legislate our laws without the requirements of citizenship. That's insane.

Would you feel comfortable allowing random people into your home who could not speak the language, had rights to your property and could even vote to dismantle your rights of ownership? 

You may respond with a resounding NO, but in reality, that is what the logic of the left is allowing.  The Left is promoting and supporting the wholesale migration into our home, America, and to make matters worse they are extending driving rights, educational rights, healthcare and welfare to millions with many states moving toward giving these illegal aliens the right to vote in a country that is not theirs, for laws that they don’t follow and for services that we as citizens do not receive.  Not very logical if their goal is to protect our country.

The logic of the left is clearly not in favor of protecting its citizens. If it was, then none of the above would be an issue.  When you move away from the conservative view of the Logic of the Left you discover the true nature and logic of those who profess patriotism but fail to act patriotically. 
No lover of this Nation would allow millions to destroy what our Founding Fathers created.  No Patriot would permit an invasion by millions who blatantly disregard our laws and then support them while their here, just to get a few more voters.

I can understand those who are more accustomed to government and the fight to gain some semblance of control in how that government influences our lives, that’s a liberal, but the left is moving to destroy our government, unravel the constitution, dismantle our borders and our rule of law just so a few can hold power over the many.  America to them is a sham.  The United States to the left is simply a means to an end, not the sustainable light of freedom and liberty as it has been in the past.

There is no Logic of sustainability with the left, only the logic of power and control and the Chaos that results of open policies, and lawlessness driven by allowing anyone to espouse any thought based on feelings and opinion with nothing to sustain the beauty of what we used to be.

There is no logic in the left, there is in being a liberal but I'm not sure how many liberals are actually left.  I challenge anyone to argue how the current positions of the left are in anyway logical beyond their wanting power and control.  Take your time.  I don’t want name calling or one-word expletives, if you can’t put together a sentence, don’t bother.   Think about the issues at hand, how is what’s happening, helping this country?  Be specific, be logical and be concise…you may find it hard to justify without the logic to sustain it... 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Going Postal

Related imagePolitics is great, I love to write about it, think about it, but occasionally, I’ve had enough politics and want to divest myself from the fray and delve into other topics of interest.  Like the post office. 

Have you heard that the US Postal Service is struggling and has been for several years?  Who hasn’t?

Even with a 2-cent stamp increase in recent months, the postal service is currently facing a potential  7 billion deficit, prompting the closure of nearly 3200 post offices around the country.  I wonder if there is a political angle here?   Do we really need the postal service?  Just asking.

Years ago, I wrote a blog about the post office, it was about an idea that I had about a TV show that deals with lost letters, letters delivered years after their initial posting and the effects of those now delivered letters would have on their current recipients.

Can you imagine opening your mailbox and seeing a letter from a former girlfriend or boyfriend mailed 30 years ago? How about a hand-written will penned 43 years before from your grandfather that alters significantly the provisions of his inheritance?  The possibilities are endless and the storylines incalculable, it might even be watched by a few.

When you really think about it The US Postal Service has actually does a pretty good job considering the amount of mail it delivers.  It is estimated that only about 10% is lost or misplaced leaving a whopping 90% delivered each day.  EXFC “External First-Class Measurement System," USPS reported an EXFC score of 90% nationwide last year.

Each year approximately 210,677,241,000 (that’s billions) pieces of mail are delivered each year, that’s a lot of mail to keep track of and to get to the right person at the right time.   Even with that gargantuan number the total pieces lost per year can be as high as 1,000,000,000, again that’s a billion, pieces that get lost, misplaced, destroyed or just simply disappear. 

Recently the total delivered pieces has fallen by 9 billion lowering the overall revenue and those numbers are expected to continue to decline as more and more people use email and chat functions to deliver their messages to each other.  The junk mail division, if there is a division of junk mail is increasingly becoming the lion's share of what our postal service delivers.

If you’re wondering if it’s just the fault of the US postal system, in Great Britain at least 280,000 letters are lost or delayed every week, 0.07% of the 21 billion letters a year handled by the Royal Mail could be lost or misplaced.

The percent of mail lost has fluctuated somewhat over the years but it’s always been between 6 and 10% and if you factor in the number of years the postal service has been in operation, since July 26, 1775, you can only speculate how many billions of lost letters and packages there are hiding in some obscure warehouse or forgotten drawer in some forgotten building of a once used postal office.  Bags of mail could be lost with other stored equipment or even an entire building dedicated to those lost letters. 

My TV idea would create a discovered warehouse filled with old bags, boxes, and crates that had been routed there by some unexplainable glitch in the delivery system, with letters and packages dating back to over 150 years.  The postal inspectors would deliver what they could and each week the TV show would focus on three to four pieces of mail to the surviving parties with the backstory of how those letters were created, and the effects on the living recipients when the contents were finally revealed.

With over a billion letters lost you can imagine the lost words that go unsaid, the lost apologies, or good wishes, the words of wisdom from a grandfather to a grandson or a mother to her struggling daughter or the legal documents that might have a profound effect on current conditions within a business or agreement. 

Every year there are a few sensational stories of letters being found and delivered.  Just the other day there was a story of a 30-year-old love letter never finding its way.  There is the occasional hand written letters that eventually get delivered but the majority of those lost letters remain lost, billions of pieces of mail that may never find their way home, leaving one to seriously wonder if there is a building, a warehouse, maybe a huge facility like the one at the end of the first Indiana Jones movie or in the warehouse 13 TV show that depicts acres and acres of stored and forgotten boxes and crates, known only to a few select secret workers that have clandestine motives to stay the hand of delivery and forsake the age old motto of the Persians under Cyrus:  Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. 

So next time you think the post office lost your letter or you need an excuse why your payment wasn’t received, you really can blame it on the post office, yours will be just one of the billion or so that get lost, so take heart that excuse still works or just email it or text your thoughts that works too.