Monday, March 12, 2018

The Logic of the Left

Image result for logic of the left cartoonThe logic of the left, they must have some, they must acknowledge that logic within reason and within the context of an overall plan of action.  The left has plenty to say about what others do or don’t do but what does the left do?

Let’s start with the overall position of the left in relation to Social Justice.  Can anyone define Social Justice?  What is it and to what extent is the American left trying to impose their views of Justice on society?  That definition changes with who you're talking to but in general and from the view of the left Social Justice includes the process of re-distribution, taking from those that have and giving it to those who do not.  Social Justice also includes the terms Common Good, Equality and Compassion.  Each of these words denotes a higher level of thinking and action but what the left leaves out is the freedom to act and the choice not to act.

The logic of the left always manipulates others to act according to their definition of what should be done and leaves little choice in relation to our freedom to act on our own.  That is not logic that’s a mandate enforced by laws, taxes, fees, rules, and legislation that seem to be endless and ever-changing.

Social Justice is an important concept and was introduced by the Catholics in 1840 and I can understand their use of the word as it relates to the motivation of doing God’s work and the need to make the right choices in adherence to be more God-like.  When you are forced or mandated to be Godlike then there is no justice, no choice and no benefit to society in general, in short not a logical move toward a better society.

In the area of Immigration, the left screams about social justice and the need to apply our laws to all who illegally come across our borders, even extending the right to vote to those who are not citizens, giving them the power to legislate our laws without the requirements of citizenship. That's insane.

Would you feel comfortable allowing random people into your home who could not speak the language, had rights to your property and could even vote to dismantle your rights of ownership? 

You may respond with a resounding NO, but in reality, that is what the logic of the left is allowing.  The Left is promoting and supporting the wholesale migration into our home, America, and to make matters worse they are extending driving rights, educational rights, healthcare and welfare to millions with many states moving toward giving these illegal aliens the right to vote in a country that is not theirs, for laws that they don’t follow and for services that we as citizens do not receive.  Not very logical if their goal is to protect our country.

The logic of the left is clearly not in favor of protecting its citizens. If it was, then none of the above would be an issue.  When you move away from the conservative view of the Logic of the Left you discover the true nature and logic of those who profess patriotism but fail to act patriotically. 
No lover of this Nation would allow millions to destroy what our Founding Fathers created.  No Patriot would permit an invasion by millions who blatantly disregard our laws and then support them while their here, just to get a few more voters.

I can understand those who are more accustomed to government and the fight to gain some semblance of control in how that government influences our lives, that’s a liberal, but the left is moving to destroy our government, unravel the constitution, dismantle our borders and our rule of law just so a few can hold power over the many.  America to them is a sham.  The United States to the left is simply a means to an end, not the sustainable light of freedom and liberty as it has been in the past.

There is no Logic of sustainability with the left, only the logic of power and control and the Chaos that results of open policies, and lawlessness driven by allowing anyone to espouse any thought based on feelings and opinion with nothing to sustain the beauty of what we used to be.

There is no logic in the left, there is in being a liberal but I'm not sure how many liberals are actually left.  I challenge anyone to argue how the current positions of the left are in anyway logical beyond their wanting power and control.  Take your time.  I don’t want name calling or one-word expletives, if you can’t put together a sentence, don’t bother.   Think about the issues at hand, how is what’s happening, helping this country?  Be specific, be logical and be concise…you may find it hard to justify without the logic to sustain it... 

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