Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Civil War, all over again...

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There is no logic on the left.  There is no compassion, no empathy and no charity.  The left is devoid of all things good and rely instead on the chaos that they create by following the winds of public change and insecurity.  This is not a treatise against the Democratic party but for those who call themselves Democrats in name only. 

Democrats used to be for the working man.  Well sort of...If you really care about the history, you can look it up, it’s not really that hard to do and when you do you will realize, if you have an ounce of rationality, that the left has always been the party of confusion, of separation and discord.  Their montra of helping the working man, or the party of the people has never born the fruits that their rhetoric has espoused, again, look at the past and compare the events of what they said and what they did. 

Within our current situations of difference between the two major parties, and perhaps that is the issue, but even more specific are the leaders of each party that pontificate and preach but fail to live as they would have us do.  Both parties are culpable and both parties consider what they do to survive rather than govern for the benefits of the people they govern.  Change the people and you change the government?  Not as easy as it sounds.  But change the rules for those who govern and you could change the process of how we are governed. 

Both parties pass laws for the rest of us but find exemptions for themselves.  Both parties demand healthcare to some degree but refuse that option for themselves. This universal refusal to “do as I do, not as I say” philosophy is what is destroying our once great country.   Leaders who expect more for themselves over the needs of those they lead are not leaders, they are dictators in utero and both parties are filled with megalomaniacs who thrive on control, are devoid of empathy and follow the premise of “me first”, that is not how to lead. 

A leader is with his men, fighting with his soldiers, in the trenches, eating with them and sacrificing with them and for them.  (women too for those who have an issue with my singular reference to men only...GET OVER IT)

Both Republicans and Democrats are filled with selfish, self serving, media clowns who would literally sell out this country for their chance to shine above the rest.    Warren Buffett said, “Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.”  That statement was one of 7 points to end the deficit, by making our leaders responsible and accountable, like all other leaders in the corporate world and in virtually every other facet of life, except for those that are political in nature.

This country is headed for a civil war.  The differences of opinion and of priority between one half the population and the other is becoming insurmountable.  The level of vitriol on the Left is palatable, the Right sees the need to fight back over the violence of  the left's exclusionary tactics on their ability to speak freely, congregate and associate.  Case in point:  The Press Secretary being told to leave and refused service as she and her family went out for dinner.  Or when Maxine Waters publicly announced to all who would listen her desire for more of the
same, basically stating to “get in their faces, surround them …”, as other leaders have called for violence and supporters suggesting that the Trump family be caged and accosted simply for a differing belief and a support of a leader the left does not like.

On this Fourth of July of 2018, I fear the United States is fast becoming ununited and fractured based only on the opinions of a few who revel in the confusion.  We are at a pivotal point, two sides thinking that their way is the only way and never understanding that only through service to others can we begin to see our similarities and develop compassion and empathy. 

We are a country of exceptional character, its people magnanimous and caring, ready to fight for the world, sacrifice our lives for the morality that is our Constitution.  I pray this day that we start to see, not through the eyes of others but through the eyes of our God.  That our perceptions are made clear through the process of service and charity for others and that we forsake ourselves for the greater good of becoming a Nation of like minded, kind and a chartibly motivated people.

Regardless of what another believes, thinks or practices, we all need help.  Go out today and perform a simple act of kindness, that is how we start to heal our fractured soul. 

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