Thursday, July 19, 2018

Do As I Say or Else.

Image result for do as I say not as I do cartoonWhen we hear “do as I do not as I say.” some of us think what a crock, of course, to some extent we have to do what we hear and in some instances, we are supposed to  “do as we are told”.

Others look at that simple statement and reflect, thinking about how they can improve their lives based on the actions and example of others.  

What we say has implications to be considered and demonstrates what we want others to believe, but “actions speak louder than words”, what we do has a lasting effect on who we are and what we truly believe.

Trump spoke or misspoke or purposely included words regarding the Russians that the media has latched onto to further defame the President.  Right or wrong, purposeful or a huge gaffe, President Trump may have sent mixed messages regarding his opinion on the topic of voter collusion with the Russians, this would certainly not be his first time, nor I suspect his last.

Why Trump says what he says and why he speaks the way he does is not really the issue. Some want to believe that, but it is the press and media that have demonstrated this of late. They have promoted the idea that what you say is more important than what you do, especially in diplomatic circles.  

The minutiae of words required to be a diplomat are extensive with each phrase being carefully considered to elicit the proper response or understanding, with each word balanced against the possible effects that might be, should be or might possibly be understood, considered or realized when spoken, written or conveyed.

The entire diplomatic corps has spent millions teaching its diplomats how to speak, how to stand, interact and respond to a variety of instances in order to forestall any misunderstanding, curtail any cultural differences and prevent the diplomat from causing a “diplomatic crisis”.

That’s all well and good, but in Trump's case he is not a Diplomat, in fact, he’s not even a politician, all good things from my perspective.  What he is and what has been shown that he is, is a man that does what he says he is going to do. Case in point. Why would Trump favor Russia when he is attempting to negotiate a better oil deal with the Germans based on the premise that Germany would be beholden to the Russians and dependent on the Russians if they choose to move in that direction.

This is not a complicated thesis by any means.  The nuts and bolts of living by example, yours and others is a foundational principle of society.  If on the other hand, we lived by what was said, we could literally choose to do whatever we pleased and have a license to do so simply by finding the words spoken by whoever fits their specific needs at the time.  I guess the same can be true of actions and example, but when we actually put the two together, words and actions, we start to see the long-term effects of what was said and what was actually done.

We have all heard the example of a Parent who tells his kids not to smoke while lighting up in front of his kids.  That is understood as a bad role model. Of course, it would be better to have parents who actually lived by what they believed rather than the insincere approach of “do as I say and not as I do”

When the Media salivates over a misspoken phrase, as has been the norm of late, the idea of actions vs promises becomes moot.  All their interests and reporting has been focused on what was said and no mention of what was done is ever considered.

It is so easy to parse the spoken word for a variety of meanings and intentions but when we forsake the actual deeds performed and their associative intentions the short-term criticism always takes center stage for those who intend to alter the truth.

You may not like what Trump is doing, you may not like what he says or how he says it but your words mean nothing, your rhetoric is worthless and only your example, only your actions demonstrate who you really are.  When you watch the news, when you read the papers you start to realize the intense motivations and political fervor of those who talk of Democracy, of those who espouse Liberty but act to undermine all that is good, all that is right with America. Even if as an American you do not like what America stands for you may want to rethink your membership as an American. Why would you want to belong to an ideology that you so vehemently oppose? To change it for the better? To help right a wrong or is it to alter the present so you don't have to change?

We are at a crossroad, we are straddling a tight wire above the depths of despair brought on by the inculcated, anti-moralistic left, pulling, yelling, fighting and destroying the very foundation of what made America, America.  You may not agree, you may be one of those screamers who shout without thinking that you're able to shout out because of America, you're able to disagree, you're able to congregate freely. This concept of self-governess and individual liberty was unique to America, unique to the World and still is.

It is a constitutional right to disagree but change the constitution, change our foundational principles and you change your rights to disagree.

Trump is doing what he said he was going to do and he is attempting to Make America Great Again.  His actions speak much louder than his words, I only wish others could do the same.

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