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Image result for misinformation cartoonWhen through the raging machinations of contrived history, we are forced to reveal our discontent, but only when our view of those unseen maneuverings comes to light.  After years of Strife and sacrifice caused by the disinformation campaigns, our ability to even know of their existence is limited to the inconsistencies of life around us.   

Perhaps its time to start to fight against the blatant attempt to rewrite the events of the past.    Those in power cannot continue to enslave us physically or mentally, imprison us by limiting our ideas and choices or by altering our past, distorting our memories and controlling our future.  This is our common enemy.

An enemy unseen, in part from the confusion they disseminate, by what they speak and teach and in a large measure their reliance on our own desire not to see, they remain undaunted and unshaken in their attempts to alter our past, control our present and decide our future.

Call it the Media, call it government or big business but throughout human history, there has always been those who see our history and balance the truth with their needs toward deception.  I understand the desire to cover up, alter or shelve certain events, due to the effects those truths have on the general public, but what I don’t understand is how the masses allow it happen year after year?

We are the lemmings.  We follow blindly the advice of others, never considering if it’s true.  We are told the news and believe what we are told, while those who do the telling follow the advice of Machiavelli, “Men are so simple and yield so readily to the desires of the moment that he who will trick will always find another who will suffer to be tricked."

PT Barnum agreed with Machiavelli when he said, “there is a sucker born every minute."  But we learn from Abraham Lincoln “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

Perhaps it is our time.  We have been fooled for too long and too many of us have fallen prey to the lies and distortions fed to us because of our blind acceptance of what was said.  A good example is the political shift of the African Americans from their roots as Republican to their conversion into Democrats.  

Most believe this change occurred in the early 60’s with Lyndon Johnsons “Great Society”, convincing the blacks to shift from their Republican roots to the Democratic party because of the push toward Racial Equality, but the change occurred in the late 30s with Franklin D. Roosevelt and the “new Deal”. 

A massive shift occurred when FDR successfully convinced the blacks to follow the money and the promised social programs.  Most did and to that day blacks were enslaved by those who had enslaved them from the beginning.  The Democrats are the party of the KKK, this is undeniable but not taught, as they are the party of Antifa an openly fascist group that forces their opinion while disrupting the opinion of others through violence and intimidation.  Have you ever heard of the Brown Shirts?

Blacks are only now starting to realize this lie and are shifting back to the party that Lincoln represented, the Republicans. 

Why is this not taught and why is this basic truth not known or understood?  “There is nothing so great as the well-conceived folly” As told to me by a strange man sitting next to me on a bus while in England in 1977.  His words are still true.

The folly of what we believe is often founded on the desire to believe rather than the reality of the information.  For years we have decided that something is true, or something is false based entirely on our desire to want to believe rather than on the supporting evidence. 

Belief in the truth is profound and warranted but knowing the truth is often difficult to determine.  Believing in a folly is often easy to pursue and follow but the risks are great and destructive.  Case in point:  When Bernie Madoff was caught in December of 2008, his Ponzi scheme had defrauded 4,800 clients for a grand total of 64.8 billion dollars.  Many of his victims were highly educated and some were in the financial world, but the folly of what he was doing was so well conceived, the profits so large that their eyes could not see, would not see the truth of the simple statement, “if it’s too good to be true, it usually is.”

We are a divided country simply because some believe in things that are untrue.  The situation is made worse when those who profess to believe (both sides) fail to allow others to believe as they choose, making one side intolerant of the other. 

Neither party is without its faults the question is which party, or which leaders are pandering more to their constituency using misinformation?  I already know the answer and that answer is determined by what you believe.  So, we are back to that fundamental question of belief vs undeniable truth.  

And we are forced then to look back in time at the history of ideologies and their final outcomes. 
We cannot discount the history that we see, even if some of that history is falsified or manipulated for in that history the truths of the future are evident.  What is the history of Capitalism vs Socialism?  

Who has helped more and who has accomplished more?  What is the result of systems that have utilized each and who was harmed?  Recent history and current history tell us who benefits and who does not.

“you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink”, The same goes with the truth, you can lead a person to the truth, exemplify truthful qualities and even teach those precepts but you cannot make them believe.  

I think I know the truth and I can back up my opinions with facts, with history and with evidence.  This is not an emotional exercise, this is a clear process of fact gathering and balancing the good and the bad of these opposing systems b but you have to want to know it, want to learn....So Have at it…

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