Thursday, September 6, 2018

Responsible Parenting?

Image result for dysfunctional family cartoonAs a responsible parent and I use the word responsible to designate those individuals who parent using love, respect, patients and have some experience, as opposed to those who do not, in relation to the determining factor in how a child grows and matures.  Responsible parenting is not easy, it is not convenient and it is often a failure in relation to those being parented.

The randomness of parenting is evident across the world.  There is no set principle that governs the process nor guarantees a specific outcome.  Responsible parents may act in accordance with the most correct methodology and strive every day to do what is “right” and still fail miserably in relation to their perception of what is expected for their lives and the lives of their children.

I will be the first to admit that the process of parenting is a learned process and one that is constantly changing, fluctuating and severely mutable to the ever altering criteria’s of life and personal experience.  How you parent one child will almost assuredly not work for another.  How we teach one child or share with another depends on the altering perceptions of both the parent and the child.  The outcome, therefore, is uncertain, helping us all to realize that being responsible is a term that can only be applied to the individuals involved.

Being responsible is also a fairly fluid term depending on your individual morality, or perspective, your ideology and a score of other factors that determine what it means to be “responsible”.  My definition above is fairly generic and predisposes an understanding of what love is, what respect and patients mean and has a willingness to learn in order to gain experience.  Very few of us have the experience needed to parent when we become parents, similar to the challenges that children face when growing up, they don’t have a clue and are now relying on the “experience” of mothers and fathers who also don’t really have a clue. 

That defeatist perspective is not altogether correct.  It may be true to some extent but in all men and women is the innate and inborn desire to love, especially for those that we raise and nurture.  From that foundation, love motivates us to want to learn, how to parent, how to have patience and how to respect, because of Love.  Our hope as parents is that our children will essentially learn to love themselves and others so that they can intern help their children. 

There has developed a disconnect in that learning process.  That loss of respect, even in a society in general, is a direct result of our altered sense of what love is.  Loving in mortality is not unconditional, there are multiple conditions on how we love, who we love and in what measure we exhibit that love.  Unconditional love can only be achieved when one has an omnipotent perspective of an individual or in another term, true love requires a complete measure of the past, present, and future of the person in question. 

In mortality we love physically, we love emotionally and we love, often times without regard to the realities of how true love requires a balanced and sustainable partnership.  Love undirected and love unreturned is unhealthy and is subject to fickle and erratic gyrations that literally destroy the very fabric of Love. 

Why we have these altered states of emotionless connection, a drowning desire to seek out meaningful relationships and an increase in hatred is a direct result of the loss of love and an increase in our level of selfishness.  Selfishness and love cannot coexist, a person cannot be selfish and love another.  There are obviously variables within the development of both but as one grows the other has to diminish, eventually leaving the person with one over the other.    Many of us live with a split personality, clinging to both, trying to balance the unbalanced but never realizing the stress created as we attempt to walk that razor's edge.

This balance is similar in many ways to the political arena.  From the perspective of order vs chaos, many try to walk the tightrope between the two, swaying one way and then the other.  Chaos is the disengagement of order, the deterioration or degradation of systems that are ordered and logical. 
The Left wants to intercede in all things to the point of chaos.  Very much like a family without order or rules or standards, that family degrades and the individuals spin away leaving nothing but the faint memory of what used to be family.  The Right may not be much better but they do come from an ideology that professes order through morality, standards, and rules as their foundation. 

At present, the Left has tried to dismantle immigration and have promoted open borders.  They have been instrumental in diminishing any moral standards but at the same time, they judge those who stray from their morality in the harshest of terms.  The left continues to create chaos in relation to religious freedoms and free speech and well as promoting hate speech the and supporting the causes championed by the black-shirted Anti-fa movement, that by the way is the quintessential precursor to a real fascist state.

The right is like the Father of a family who is tired of trying, too tired to intervene, too tired to care.  The left has an agenda but they don’t have a plan, all they want is POWER. The right has a moral standard but is too shell-shocked to push forward, leaving the field wide open and vulnerable to whatever form of power has the will to take over.

Like a family, are we responsible parents?  Do we know it all?  Of course not, but do we know enough to push forward and make a positive difference? I believe we do.  Like the example at the beginning, the Left is like a teenager, vying for power, competing with Dad, disagreeing with everything he does or says.  And like most teenagers, they simply don’t have a clue.  What does the responsible parent do?  We push forward with what we know to be right. We insist on certain behaviors or we step in to regulate the abhorrent actions. 

Maybe we need to do some more enforcing and be less understanding, because if we don’t those teenagers will grow to be mean, selfish and be without the basic love that is needed for society to flourish, oh wait, It’s already happened.  The Democrats (the Left) are mean, unforgiving, driven by power and control, willing to do anything and everything to further their chaotic cause of Socialism.

We might want to learn a thing or two, like more love, more adherence to standards, more forgiving and more strict in our own lives... if we are to have any say in the future…but then, like most families the kids always know so much more than the parents, so what's the point?  

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