Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Me Too Selfishness

Image result for me too cartoon clintonThe value of the Me Too Movement has been reduced by the outcry to those who lend their support exclusively to the cause of women and fail to regard the issues that plague us all.  In no way do I want to minimize the struggles of those who have been abused, their issues are real, their fight against those who oppress and demean are real but in that fight, many have forgotten that others share in these tragic circumstances that we all call life.

When one issue dominates the life of a person, as the Me Too Movement has, the scope of that singularity diminishes the overall view and connectedness of life in general and blinds the eyes of empathy by the very act of this selfish endeavor.  They are unable to see beyond the one chosen issue and become incapable of sharing in-depth relationships except for other single modality believers like themselves.  Without empathy, they are unable to recognize the others that struggle to battle the demons that invade all of our lives.

The Me Too Movement has blamed all men for the issues of a few and by so doing have alienated their most ardent supporters, Men. 

Truth be told, Men and Women are different.  It is within those differences that the connectedness is formed.  Men cannot exist without Women and Woman cannot exist without Man.  Regardless of what is said or practiced the biological variances between the male and the female require us to coexist.  

Men, in general, are designed to want women, to pursue them, to want to please them, support them as they have done since the creation of mankind.  This biological process is not perfect and demands that men learn to control their desires, learn to uphold the standards that are present within our consciousness for the express purpose of establishing a familial bond, a bond that is impossible without women.  Men and women must work together for the unified purposes of both.  The Me Too Movement pulls men and women apart.

There is a level of extreme selfishness in the movement to exclude, not just with the Me Too but with all practices that promote one over another or attempts to define or rename the innate identities that we are all born with. 

Of course we have the right to choose or become whatever our hearts tell us to pursue but when that drive includes the forceful acceptance by those not changing then the movement becomes exclusionary and inherently selfish as it legislates the norms of the past into non-descript versions based on opinion, or desire, never considering the effects of their new norms will have on civilization and society in general. 

Recent events have made it abundantly clear that an accusation is paramount to evidence and Due Process.  The victim, in this case, should be heard but only to the point of her evidentiary profile holding some form of promise.  Of course, she and all who feel abused should be heard but beyond hearing the need to show some proof is essential if we are to maintain a lawful society.

The Me Too Movement has promoted a policy that “all women need to be believed”. Even simple belief requires some evidence for that belief to flourish.  Some indication, some form of corroboration is essential and is the basis for our Constitutional Laws.  If the purpose is to uphold those laws then proof must be the foundation for a cause.  If the purpose is not to sustain the law but to change the law then we have a different scenario altogether. 

If the law is wrong and all accusers should be believed without proof and that is your goal, then your goal also includes disavowing the constitution of the United States.  That might be the goal of the Me Too movement, to change the very foundation of who we are and to use one issue to alter the lives of everyone else, just because they want what they want and they want it now…

This same attitude exists in a variety of exclusionary groups.  Some of these groups are a single issue group, like the NRA, their goal and purpose is to protect the 2nd amendment.  Abortion rights groups exist to secure the rights for an abortion.  There are white supremacist groups that want to secure the rights of white America and Black supremacist who want to do the same for their racial preference.  The list of groups is lengthy. 

I have my own ways of distinguishing between the various groups that dot the political landscape and I have to admit it’s based on my political ideology which happens to support the original constitutional powers and bill of rights.  Groups like White Supremacist fall into the category of subversive to the Constitution as they want to enforce racial divisions and alter the laws and rights for those who are non-white.

The Me Too Movement would also fall into the same category due to their exclusionary tactics of dealing with men equitably and the overshadowing process of victims’ rights over others rights, and their fundamental desire to change the way Due Process is upheld

Side note:  A victim is:  a person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action, we are all victims to one extent or another. 

Some environmental groups, some political groups, and many others fall within the subversive tactics currently espoused by the Left to undermine what we have for the singular purpose of altering the foundational principles set by our Constitution.  I am a strong believer that our Constitution is the best this world has ever produced.  It is not perfect but it’s closer than we have ever had in the history of humanity. 

I publicly denounce the selfish actions of others as they destroy the lives of those they attack.  I applaud those who fight against these sexual, abusive and horrific incursions but I do not support the alternative of following a selfish motivation, like the Me Too cause to cure the selfish motivation of others.

 Selfishness is the issue, it is the reason to disavow association with any group that is singular in purpose and has the goal of changing or updating or altering the Constitution to fit their selfish desires.

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