Saturday, December 22, 2018

The death of men

Image result for emasculated man cartoonAs a man, the idea of being emasculated is frightening.  The very thought of succumbing to the effects of such a condition is beyond my capacity to willfully consider, but even if it happens, my consciousness would attempt to protect my fragile ego by denying the effects, even as I and we capitulate our will, surrender our desires and give up our manhood, making excuses like, “we’re doing the right thing” or “it’s better for society”, or my favorite, “that’s what women want”, sealing our powerless and impotent existence to the choices of others who want nothing more than to enslave us, control us and manipulate our very essence and genetic sovereignty.

The role of men has been vigorously debated and for the most part, thrown into the dustbin of relevance as most of the issues revolve around the abhorrent actions of a few sexual predators and selfish tyrants destroying any good will than man used to have.

In our country and in the world, man has been forced to relinquish their standard roles of provider and protector to the enraged and willful desires of women.   Not all women and not even most women but loud and hateful women who care nothing about the damage they are doing to men and boys. 

Nature or God or whatever you think is appropriate has a plan.  If you don’t believe in God so be it, nature will suffice.  Both are working from the same playbook and both have the same goals in mind for man (and yes women too) despite what we have collectively allowed to transpir men and women have differing roles, differing perspectives and when combined become greater than the sum of their individual parts.

There is a thing called genetics that defines all that exist.  There are some exceptions but to date those exceptions are minuscule.  99.93 of all humans are genetically defined as either male or female.  Gender is a different story altogether and encompasses awareness, the developmental process and a score of variables that affect the self-identification and how an individual relates to others but in the topic of male and female, there should be no debate.

Society has clouded the reality of birth with the notion that by invoking a simple choice anyone can change who they want to be genetically.  I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but changing what you are is 100% impossible.  Changing who you are is a different process.   The confusion for many comes from the desire to be different than what you were born to be.  Failure to follow the natural course is one of the causes of man’s self-emasculation.

We all have the right to fine-tune who we are, enhance or disrupt the essence of what makes us, us.  Our attitudes, our desires, and goals but anything we wish to accomplish must be within the parameters of what we are.  That is not a limiting condition but one of the endless possibilities and potential. 

Many men, and for a variety of reasons are not happy with their lives.  They then move in directions contrary to their genetic foundations, moves that not only alter their behaviors but alter their perceptions about who they are and their role in society and life. Determining the exact percentage of those who identify as gay, bi or whatever is extremely difficult, but the following link helps to define the numbers, the sources and the difficulty associated with understanding who is gay, who is straight and who is something else.
That discontent and the erroneous percentages of a ground-breaking research project has influenced the thinking of most toward total acceptance of the idea that “Gay is Normal”.  While being gay is defiantly a choice as supported by the Kinsey’s headline finding that “at least 37% of the male population has some homosexual experience between the beginning of adolescence and old age”, meaning physical contact to the point of orgasm, meaning acting at times gay but deciding to remain heterosexual, getting married, having children and choosing the sexual style to maintain that perception and genetic predisposition. 

How many experiences are required to institute a new gender?  My simple point is that the word gender has supplanted the word for biology.  The biological science is clear, what is not clear for many is the evolving gender role, especially for emasculated men and disenfranchised women.  Gender used to be static, there were males and there were females and in-between there were biologically dysphoric individuals, generally ranging from 1 to 2% with most of those being resolved through early medical treatments. 

2% of the population has green eyes as well but because sex is not involved the dysphoria of identity is not an issue. 

A reader posed a question to me the other day, “why do trees get it right?”  Trees spend nothing on their own behalf.  They have no specific agenda nor political motivation except to grow where they are planted.  Why do trees or nature, in general, succeed within their confined existence?  Do trees suffer from an emasculation syndrome?  There are some species that have different patterns of sexual behavior and even some like the worm that is both male and female (I think, I didn’t spend much time researching the worm).

The question of why does nature as a whole succeed where man does not, keeping in mind that our lack of success is actuated toward a small percentage of our population, but the effects of that small percentage have had resounding effects on the masculinity of males in general, that’s why we talk about it.  Nature follows the rules that have been instituted and are therefore more inclined toward success as a result.

We are forced to honor women by dishonoring ourselves, and in the process, we lose all respect for womanhood.  We are forced to acknowledge the self-indulgent identity of those who have forsaken their own natural individuality and in the process, we are left questioning ourselves.  Our ability to provide for our families is subjugated by our marginalized roles as husbands and fathers and our ability to protect those we love has been sidelined by the lack of loving relationships.  Men (not man and women in this case) have been marginalized and emasculated to the point where they are forced to find love where they can protect what they can and provide for whoever seems to come along.  You can buy anything in the world with money but like all things focused around money, they tarnish easily, are hard to handle and in the end, leave you broke and wanting more.

Many have said that men are responsible, many men are, but in no greater degree than everyone else who buys into the fallacy of a marginalized family, loose morals, selfish motivations and a serious lack of spirituality.  What good is a man without a family?  That is not to say that single men do not have value but in a societal sense is not procreation an essential aspect and is not the family a significant moderator that stabilizes that process?

The family is the foundation of all society, it used to be the reason why boys grew to be men.  Making a family used to be the central and singular reason for getting married and the framework that kept men home, happy and motivated toward upholding the vows of marriage but now it’s too easy to leave, too easy to separate, too easy to just give up.  You can look up the statistics on this one, in almost every category the family is in a drastic decline, taking its toll on the fabric of America and has contributed to the emasculation of men overall.

There are numerous reasons why males are failing to become men. 
1.  Girls become women by simply growing up, but boys have historically had to pass a test.  There are no tests today, boys no longer must show that they’ve become a man, regardless of their sexual preference.

2.  Social Media has infected our boys with pornography and gaming, stripping them of their desire to achieve or be responsible. 

3.  Education has devoted its efforts to the female psyche forsaking the learning needs of boys for girls.  

In his book, Boys Adrift, Dr. Leonard Sax explains that boys need — not want — to be responsible. If they are not needed, they don’t flourish.  Boys need to be responsible, they need, not want to be needed and our society has systematically destroyed those opportunities by portraying men as incompetent, immature and self-absorbed.   Hollywood has methodically enhanced the collective idea that men are no longer able and responsible and have done so very effectively.
We need our Men back.  We need our boys to grow into Men and we need our families back, two parents working together to raise their children to be Men and Women of great worth.  This will not come easy, especially now when we have allowed it to degrade, but we all need to fight for what is right.  The problem is that the boys that usually go off to battle and become Men no longer want to fight.  So, the emasculation continues…

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