Monday, January 13, 2020

The Civil War 2

Image result for civil war 2020 cartoonWe are in a Civil War and have been for quite some time.  Even though we are not currently in an armed conflict within our borders, a civil war is raging, and the outcome is unknown.  What makes this conflict different is that we are living it now and perhaps like the pre-Civil War of the 1860s our perception of war has not been elevated to the point of concern to understand the predicament of our present and ongoing war.

Our country is divided.  We may walk the same streets and eat in the same establishments, but those divisions are growing more tenuous with increasing instances of polarized groups confronting the opposition in open conflict.  Throughout the country, there are protests and disagreements, some with violence between those of the Right and those on the Left, with those on the Left adamant about their positions and those on the Right equally adamant.

We are in a Civil War because there is no opportunity to mitigate the differences without one side, either side, relenting to the demands of the other.  Those on the Right are convinced of their positions and moralities while those on the Left hold to their position, neither willing to negotiate away or give up what they believe to be true.

As a person on the Right, I cannot mitigate my beliefs nor marginalize my standards to reduce the risks of conflict, nor are those on the Left willing to do similarly.  We are at a standstill and have been for some time.

The question of compromise seems to have taken center stage with both sides yelling for the other to compromise but that has only heightened the fervor and galvanized each side against the other.  The question of compromise was also a question during the 1860s Civil War.  The North was willing to make concessions that would have allowed the South the time to restructure their current economies around slavery but they would not budge from their position, leaving the North without options and the South on the path towards opening the war with an attack at Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861. 

Like today the options of compromise have been tried or suggested but like the first Civil War both sides understand that when there is compromise there is a fundamental loss of belief, power or position and as we see today neither side is willing to entertain the idea.

Without the ability to compromise the notions of who is right and who is wrong takes hold, furthering the divide with both sides vying for position, both sides establishing areas of power, taking the high ground so to speak.  There are battle lines being drawn and like the Civil War 1, there are divided families, split communities and work areas where it’s safer and easier not to engage at all, in order to keep your job. 

I could go on and list other similarities, there are many, but the point is our country is in the midst of separation, a split from what was to what is to come.  For now, the separation is political with the division in how to represent our collective Constitution.  We both see a moral obligation toward our willingness to follow the intent of our Founding Fathers but in that obligation comes the greatest division.  It is this divide that encompasses our foundational principles of life, our laws and our definitions of freedom and how we wish to see our future.  It is that future that is at the crux of every issue presently before us as individuals and as a country.

My position is clear and to me logical.  We have had over 200 years of success as a Constitutional Republic.  Our laws our standards and our ability to adapt to outside influences have succeeded and surpassed the expectations of our Founding Fathers.  Deviation from those principles will destroy the United States of America and in its place will emerge a weakened, socialistic like democracy that will sway and bend to every wind of change.  No longer will the Constitution be the guiding light of our Republic and with it our inalienable rights, our freedoms, and our Nation.

You know my choice, what is yours?

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