Saturday, April 18, 2020

Walk into Danger

The other day my wife and I, with my daughter- and son-in-law were taking a leisurely walk around La Jolla California, minding our own business amongst the almost abandoned streets of this upscale community, when two women crossed the street.

Cartoon Movement - Coronavirus!!They crossed and intersected into our space.  That would not have been a problem, but they seemed to think their rights were more important than ours.  As they passed us after walking through us one woman looked back and yelled “irresponsible”.

I answered back with, “excuse me?”

They tried to yell something else, but I was in no mood for their level of ignorance and met their verbal challenges head-on, they continued walking away, muttering to themselves.  I’m sure they were convinced that their position was the more righteous than ours, regardless of whether they understood our position, or motivations or any other logical reason for us to be within the area, they believed to be theirs.

Here is the issue:  Since we were walking on the almost deserted streets, our desire to wear a face mask was sincerely diminished.  The two women it seems crossed into our space purposely, intersecting with us as we walked as a family.  Their contempt for us was palatable and directed towards me, especially since I responded to their verbal attack and did not shy away from confrontation.

The point of this is: For the past two months our country and our states have declared Martial Law, without the formal declaration.  We are forced to stay in our homes, millions losing their jobs or at least their income, our freedoms have been restricted and our ability to sustain our economies, regardless of where each of us is within that economy.  We run the real risk of a deep and abiding recession or depression.

Our lives have been completely upended over the fear of what might happen.  The tragedy is how easy it's been for those who speak for us to control us.  With only a few fearful statistics, many unsubstantiated and many the projections of inconsistent modeling, millions of Americans and millions and millions around the world are now being held hostage to a virus that has not, I repeat has not crossed the threshold of other similar pandemics like events.

One of the major reasons for the shutdown was to ease the pressure on hospitals but in 2018, 490,000 hospitalizations occurred because of the flu, with 34,200 deaths.   In 2017 there were an astounding 810,000 hospitalizations and 61,000 deaths from a virus that we take for granted.  But the real story is how are hospitals could handle 810,000 hospitalizations in the past but could not handle the proposed Coved 19 projections.  What’s worse is the lack of information that would substantiate or disprove the effects of those with the Coved virus.

We’re in a fog because we have so little reliable data,” said Dr. Ashish Jha, director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, which has been studying hospital capacity.

The other issue is the reliance on modeling projections that are mostly false and misleading, kind of like the weather projections within the global warming or cooling or is it now just climate change? But, Very difficult decisions were made based on these projections with very few being close to the reality of events. 

I want to stress the importance of acting responsibly and doing our part to maintain good hygiene and supporting the leaders who truly want what’s best for us; but when they hyperbolize the smallest details, when they politicize each and every issue, when they take away my rights just so they can be viewed as right, regardless of the reality, it makes me  want to stand with my brothers in Michigan to protect what was given to me by God and now subjugated by politically minded wolfs dressed as sheep just before they pounce and strip us of those rights permanently.

My major concern is the effects to our lives, the lives of millions upon millions if we follow the admonitions of so many who cannot provide logical evidence of current numbers and the true nature of the risk and allow us to determine our response to that risk.

I don’t want the Corona Virus, but I don’t want to live in a country that suppresses and controls my life so much that I am nothing more than a puppet on a string.  I will take logical and appropriate measures to safeguard my family but let us all have that same choice.

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