Saturday, November 14, 2020

This Divided America is Good

The division of America is not necessarily a bad thing.  It is easy to see what the two sides want, Democrats and Republicans or more succinctly the Right vs the Left;  it diametrically opposes them to each other.

The Right wants to keep the America as it was created; the Left wants to ”fundamentally change” what America means and stands for.

The problem is the Left uses language that helps them accept those proposed changes as Americans, as essential to the ever-changing needs of the populous and the ever-expanding and living document of the Constitution.

There is ample evidence that supports that ideology.  One overwhelming fact is in the contrast between the actual Constitution as written and the adopted laws that have been implemented to administer that Constitution.  There are 4,743 words in the original Constitution.  The actual laws and rules of our enforced constitution exceed over 3,000 PAGES.  That is a problem.  

The other issue is the obvious move by the Left towards Socialism.  No longer is the word whispered between secretive individuals and groups; it is now an open and welcome goal of many on the Left.

The “Righ”t is opposed to such a departure, from the divinely inspired words of our Constitution.

Therein lies the division,  therein lies the need to divide, the need to distinguish between those who want to destroy our system of Government and those on the “Right” who want to protect it and even move closer towards its precepts.

I am strongly in favor of this division.  I want to know who is my enemy and who is attempting to destroy my Country.  I am an originalist; I am a constitutionalist and I want my Country to follow those 4,743 words and move away from the 3,000 pages of compromise, obfuscation the purposely tries to confuse and cloud the intent of our Founding Fathers.

We will no longer be America if the Left is allowed to prevail.  We will be American’s in name only; that is not good enough for me.

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  1. What is the ultimate solution when you have two groups that can never get along...


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