Sunday, March 21, 2021

The Flag Fiasco


Just to be clear:  

FLYING THE FLAG AT HALF-STAFF: The pertinent section of the Flag Code says, "By order of the President, the flag shall be flown at half-staff upon the death of principal figures of the United States Government and the Governor of a State, territory, or possession, as a mark of respect to their memory.

I am not trying to discount the tragedy of the Atlanta massage killings, by minimizing the horror and the deaths of those involved by the 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long, who was White and was most likely crazy out of his mind.  This was an unmitigated news event, but, is what he did pertinent to the above flag code to merit lowering the flags of all federal buildings to half staff? NO!

Most, I am sure, will simply say, “get over it, who cares if President Biden lowers the flags as a tribute?”

The issue here is not about the flags per se; this is about the rule of law, the rules in general, the traditions of our country, and the abilities we have given to some to circumvent every tradition of our American Culture.

We obviously have a Flag Code, it’s printed in black and white and that code was instituted for reasons that have served us well.  President Biden or his staff/caretakers have decided that the “Flag Code” should be circumvented and ignored. Again you may say, “So what? It’s just an obscure code of no importance”.

But, when taken into the context of everything else that has happened in the last few years, this obscure Code demonstrates the mendaciousness of those in charge to alter the truth, change the rules, obscure the traditions, and as President Obama famously said, We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America. 

I am not trying to put words in your mouth, or errant thoughts into your mind, not because I don’t want to, but because that is a very difficult thing to accomplish, or is it? This is very much like the proverbial boiled frog. If you start the boiling process with the heat turned down the poor unsuspecting frog never realizes he is getting boiled. So it is with the slow but methodical methods of changes that are upon us now.

Since the election of Obama in 2008, this country has changed fundamentally. Our schools now openly teach seditious lessons. The Buffalo school district is teaching BLM propaganda to elementary students, adopting a curriculum, written and supported by the BLM. 

From that curriculum, they teach the Marxist philosophy that diminishes the Family Unit and replaces it with devotion to the State, not America, not the United States of America but a “fundamentally transformed…” version of America, an America in name only.

Their goal is to destroy our rights, our privileges, and our constitutionally based laws with Marxist ideologically motivated rules.  

This is not solely about flying the flag at half staff, that is only one aspect of the fundamental changes that are occurring and the changes that will continue to alter what we used to have into something unrecognizable from the God-given Constitution.

I personally think that stopping these changes is worth dying for, but I also believe that our first priority is to our God. Obey his laws, obey his words and He will guide us through this mess, one way or another.

Monday, March 15, 2021

The Unseen War

This may be one of those preachy, self-righteous posts that everyone hates and it might not...We are not just in a battle for our rights; we are in a war for our souls and the soul of our country as it was founded. Even if you have doubts regarding the validity of your soul or an afterlife the waging battles of this war are all-encompassing.

There are instances throughout history when great wars were fought and millions of people were unaware of those wars. Thousands could die, hundreds of thousands and most of the world may not have known or cared to know. When you look back into the eons of time, think about the civilizations that are gone and forgotten. Think of the wars in Europe in the 5th century and the millions who never knew of the conflicts in America or in Japan or in the undiscovered islands of the sea. There is a war all around us and most of the world is unaware of the struggle.

Incremental changes in how we live often go unnoticed until one day we look around and see a different country or city, we see the same faces but the expressions have changed. We were unaware of the subtle battles that at the time, were ignored. We are at war but most of us fail to see the enemy.  

Germany in the 1930s gives an outstanding example of those unseen battles and unknowing public following the changes, just living with the orders, cooperating with the system until that system overruns logical mind and upsets the reality of the past. You open your eyes and what you see is not what you believed could ever happen. Venezuela is another good example.  

We all have a religious belief, that belief depends on what we chose to follow. One definition of religion is a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance. Under this definition, atheists can be religious just as those who subscribe to a supreme being. Being religious is essentially someone who follows a strict code of conduct, that conduct does not have to be good, it can be evil as well.   

I understand I am expanding the definition of religion but in order to understand the motivations of those who vie for power and control over all else the word, religion or fanatical comes to mind. It is those single-minded and zealous attributes that drive some to their view of perfection, understanding what they mean by perfection is perhaps the biggest problem in diagnosing the issues that face all of us today. Perfection in the minds of a Communist is total control of all aspects of the lives of others.  

The war that we are engaged in, is a war of semantics. It is a war of subtlety and degrees, where we used to believe in something that we are now told is insensitive or even immoral.  Marriage is a good example. We used to believe, society, in general, believed that marriage was a contract, a mostly religious contract between a man and a woman. Now it is not.

We held up the basic right of speech as a stalwart function of our inalienable position as a free country, but now it is under assault and is no longer inalienable and has come under the condemnation as a standard of practice in judging another’s worthiness within an ever-changing paradigm of rules and laws based on the spurious emotions of the special interest, whatever that is supposed to mean.

We are at war with an enemy that is determined to destroy not only our ability to speak but our fundamental morality and our understanding of what is moral and what is not. We have entered a new dominion that is daily trying to change who we think we are into what others say we should be. Through, their subtle manipulations they have successfully changed how we think, how we act, what we should expect and in the process, they have changes who we are into what they want us to be.  

The past unknown wars or campaigns are inconsequential to the realities of our world today, but they were not inconsequential to those who lived during those wars. We may think that because it is in the past, it can be forgotten and minimized, but, it is those lessons of the past that will support our current fight today. That is the reason for the call to destroy our past, simply because without our past the future is up for grabs, it can be rewritten, recreated, and instituted in any way those in power mandate.

Regardless if we are people of faith or not, this world is changing. We need to understand the definition of morality and comprehend that any moral rules, any level of morality needs to have a foundational cause. I believe God is that foundation. Why do we not steal from others? Why is it we eschew murder or other understood evils, why has man developed the moral codes we hold dear? The answer in my mind is that there is a Supreme Being and in His wisdom, He gave us that understanding.  

This is what the war is all about, we are forsaking our Devine understanding for a secular, profane, and limited, less strenuous agreement for our lives and instead, seek for those once eternal truths from the mouths of snakes and vipers.  

We can only win this war if we win it individually first. That is the strategy that the left will never understand. As we look to God for His support, He will grant unto us the means and the will to accomplish His ways. 

OK, that was a bit preachy but without being excessively preachy you may want to ask yourselves, why do you want morality and fairness and honesty? Your answer may include God or it may be your desire to be good, knowing that if your good, others will likewise be good, creating a good place to live filled with good people and just laws...Etc...

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Hand Sanitizer and the loss of everything.


This morning, I was working in the front yard, just cleaning up, when a large white van pulled into my driveway. There were two people in the van, one woman and one man, the man was driving and as far as I could tell the woman; I am only going by what I think I saw when I say, man or women. The woman was looking down at her phone when the man exited said large white van and looking over in my direction.  

I stood up and asked, “Can I help you?”  


He looked at a small package he was holding and it was then that I saw the logo on the large white van, Hemet Unified School District, so I asked, “Are you looking for Carole?

He looked again at the small package and said, “Yes”.  

“I can help you if you like,” I returned.

Exhibiting some trepidation and confusion, he answered a little too loudly, “YES”.

Without moving he continued to look at me, so I moved toward him, the little package, and the large white van. “This is for Carole?” As if he was unsure of the name, he was reading.

I looked at the small package; it was a small bottle of hand sanitizer and something else, like a note of gratitude from the District offices of Hemet Unified School District.

The large white van and the two drivers pulled away, the woman was still looking down at her phone as they drove up the hill and turned right out of sight.

I thought I can’t wait to tell Carole. The two drivers were obviously just doing their job and their job was to deliver hundreds of these small bottles of disinfectant, or hand sanitizers to every teacher in the district. Again, my wife and I live in Temecula, which is about 35 miles. But there are teachers all over the county and in multiple counties like LA, San Diego, etc…

The point of concern is not in the desire to give something to the teachers but in how they accomplished that task. Hundreds of teachers, all I presume have hand sanitizer, so the gift was superfluous, but every single teacher getting a delivery from two employees, driving a big white van all over Southern California?

If this kind of stupidity is alive in local government can you imagine the monumental waste of time and resources accomplished by our federal government? It is mind-blowing, just thinking about the ineptitude of our leaders who cannot see the costs to all of us because of these types of actions and the gross misuse of resources and funds under their control, often in the billions of dollars.

Both my wife and I laughed in disbelief until the realization of who these leaders truly. We truly have an uphill battle before us.

Fight on, we have everything to lose.