Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Hand Sanitizer and the loss of everything.


This morning, I was working in the front yard, just cleaning up, when a large white van pulled into my driveway. There were two people in the van, one woman and one man, the man was driving and as far as I could tell the woman; I am only going by what I think I saw when I say, man or women. The woman was looking down at her phone when the man exited said large white van and looking over in my direction.  

I stood up and asked, “Can I help you?”  


He looked at a small package he was holding and it was then that I saw the logo on the large white van, Hemet Unified School District, so I asked, “Are you looking for Carole?

He looked again at the small package and said, “Yes”.  

“I can help you if you like,” I returned.

Exhibiting some trepidation and confusion, he answered a little too loudly, “YES”.

Without moving he continued to look at me, so I moved toward him, the little package, and the large white van. “This is for Carole?” As if he was unsure of the name, he was reading.

I looked at the small package; it was a small bottle of hand sanitizer and something else, like a note of gratitude from the District offices of Hemet Unified School District.

The large white van and the two drivers pulled away, the woman was still looking down at her phone as they drove up the hill and turned right out of sight.

I thought I can’t wait to tell Carole. The two drivers were obviously just doing their job and their job was to deliver hundreds of these small bottles of disinfectant, or hand sanitizers to every teacher in the district. Again, my wife and I live in Temecula, which is about 35 miles. But there are teachers all over the county and in multiple counties like LA, San Diego, etc…

The point of concern is not in the desire to give something to the teachers but in how they accomplished that task. Hundreds of teachers, all I presume have hand sanitizer, so the gift was superfluous, but every single teacher getting a delivery from two employees, driving a big white van all over Southern California?

If this kind of stupidity is alive in local government can you imagine the monumental waste of time and resources accomplished by our federal government? It is mind-blowing, just thinking about the ineptitude of our leaders who cannot see the costs to all of us because of these types of actions and the gross misuse of resources and funds under their control, often in the billions of dollars.

Both my wife and I laughed in disbelief until the realization of who these leaders truly. We truly have an uphill battle before us.

Fight on, we have everything to lose.

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