Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Debt = Slavery


In the space of just 14 months, the economy has plunged into a serious financial quagmire.  I guess to some extent; it depends on how you look at things, but the undeniable truth is as follows:  

  1.  Interest rates are still low but that is a function of the Fed forcing the issue and maintaining low-interest rates, despite the decreases in real money supply. Reliable money must be based on proven and reliable assets, and not the trillions of easily printed dollars flooding the market.  

In order to maintain a stable monetary system, it is imperative to balance the need to print money in relation to the reliable assets available. Our government has printed, and continued printing regardless of the long-term effects it will have on future inflation and monetary stability.

  1. The engines that drive this country are the fuels we depend on to feed our factories, our homes, and our transportation. Supply and Demand dictate that when you tighten a supply of a product, you increase the demand for that product and that increased demand increases the cost of the available supply.  

Oil is an essential product of not only our economy but virtually every economy of the world. Without oil, the world stops, and despite what you think you know oil is also the foundational resource that builds our windmills, our solar panels, produces our electricity, and gives us the choice to seek for alternative power sources. Without oil, our economy is forced to step away from progress and expansion and instead move downward toward stagnation.

  1.  Infrastructure allows all of us to freely move about.  It ensures safe travel, rapid movement for easier decision making and lets the people of that economy choose more freely where they want to live, work and play.  

The current cost of upgrading our infrastructure is in the trillions of dollars and will take years to complete, but when mixed with 1 and 2 above the prospect of completion is beyond reason. Especially with the current administration's movements away from carbon, rapid movements to curtail oil and increase electric use, without the use of oil, or so they say, the idea of infrastructure improvements that actually work for most Americans is simply a pipe dream.

Our government is moving toward paying mortgages for people who are or have not worked because of the CoronaVirus Pandemic. This will cost trillions of dollars. We expect them to approve student loan forgiveness, which will cost billions upon billions with the unknown effects moving toward cheapening education and destroying the educated process in general. 

These economic moves of the Left are nothing more than an attempt to herd the masses with promises of free stuff, masked as a move toward freedom. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Give away free stuff and you create a subservient class, a group of non-thinkers and people who are unmotivated, slothful, and dangerous.  

Giving to the needy is essential, as we help others we help ourselves but giving to those who can work but choose not to is not helpful. Giving away education, paying for student loans also destroys the very process of learning. Free does not mean right.

When the time comes that the policies of giving can no longer be sustained, the receivers of those gifts learn quickly that they have been enslaved and at the same time are too content to understand the consequences of that form of slavery. They no longer think for themselves, they can no longer appreciate the values of work, self-reliance, and liberty and instead, meekly bow their heads and do as they are told.  

When gas lines are too long, most will eventually accept the new reality and do less, move less, think less, and perform less, learning quickly that it is better to keep your head down and do as you're told.  

We all need to take action now. Hold our leader's feet to the fire, help them understand how their actions, how their spending will destroy our lives. Open your eyes and see the actual truth behind what’s happening to our Country.  

We can hope it gets better, or we can act to make it better. We can dream or we can wake up and see what’s happening before our eyes. It is up to us.

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