Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Shopping blind...

There is always some risk when you shop and that risk rises in relation to what you’re shopping for.  Last Friday my wife and I were looking for a set of drawers.  That in itself does not sound too complicated but as we looked and looked we realized the quality of the pieces, and the style of the options made our decision to buy, anything a very complicated endeavor indeed.

After a few hours we decided to move into the antique arena and fairly quickly found a five stack set of drawers that we were excited about.  We paid for it and we were told we could pick it up on Monday, that was yesterday.

Today I retrieved the drawers, they were probably made around 1910-1930.   They were made of oak and seemed solid, but therein lies the problem.  When we inspected them originally, they were behind a few things and so we were unable to pull the drawers out, check on the stability...and yes I know, I should not have bought them if I didn't know, but we were assured of their quality and decided to buy them anyway.  They looked really nice.

Helpers from the store put them in my van and off I went.  

When I got home and started to remove the drawers to unload the dresser drawers, I started to find out about the “quality”, and it was not good as promised, it wasn’t even fair, it was in poor condition.  

The owner of the shop was very reasonable and helpful, all is well in relation to that purchase, but the real issue is in the purposeful ignorance, or the  dishonest attempt, knowing full well the true condition, to sell a product.

It was probably a little of both.  Of course the buyer should beware, but the buyer should also be assured of some basic principles in relationship to everyday commerce.  

This incident turned out to be a positive experience, because the owner was reasonable and helpful.  

When we take this type of experience and move it into a national level we can clearly see what graft and corruption can do and how it affects all we do.  Look at the last few weeks and what has occurred, who is lying and why?  Who is affected by those lies?  Do our leaders lie to us routinely, or just when they have to, to “protect us”?  Do they try to sell us substandard goods at inflated prices?  Do they tax us too much for what we receive in return?

My issue today was solved because I had the support of an honest businessman who valued his customers.  Do our politicians value us?  If you think yes, tell me how?  I am tired of getting screwed by a government that has lost sight of their initial and foremost mandate, to protect, help and service those in our country.  

Now our Government leaves our people behind, as they did with thousands of stranded Americans in Afghanistan, this is WRONG, this is EVIL and those who allow it should be jailed and tried for TREASON. 

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