Thursday, December 23, 2021

I believe, why don't you?

 On the day before the day, of Christmas Eve, that would be the 23rd for those of you who are still trying to figure that one out; I would like to put into perspective what it means to be a Christian. 

Being a Christian from the perspective of ME, Richard Taylor, your Blog Friend, or at least a reader of my ramblings:

The simple definition is: one who believes in Christ.  There are two types of believing however, there is believing in the person of Christ and then there is the believing Christ.  They are not the same.  Believing in Christ is a much more simple process and similar to understanding that the person of Christ was real, did exist and has some historical relevance.  

Understanding the reality of His existence is very important but, believing Christ takes a leap of faith that many are unwilling to take.  I may believe something or someone but fail to follow that knowledge for a variety of reasons.  

Christ for Christians demands that we believe that Christ spoke the words of eternity under the authority of His Father and our Father, God, the Almighty, and with those words outlined our purpose of life, our requirements and processes for achieving not only salvation but to live with God and Glory in His Eternal Glory.

I believe Christ spoke the words of God, established His Gospel and provided the commandments that we all need to follow to be called “Christians”.  I also believe in the person of Jesus Christ, the same who was born of Mary, through divine conception.  Don’t ask me to explain that process or any of the other miraculous events during His life, but I believe and so should we all. I can't explain how electricity works, how do you expect me to provide insight into water into wine?

Belief is a fundamental process of becoming more than we are.  We sacrifice the finite and variable “truths of mortality” for truths that we cannot fully comprehend but are more real and more substantive than any facts, assumptions or theories that we are barraged with during our lives.  

I have often quoted myself in stating (do I have to put quotation marks when I quote myself?)  “Most people are wrong about most things, most of the time”  yes I actually made that up, or should I say coined the phrase.  In life most of what we learn is tenuous at best and will eventually be updated, altered or forgotten as we try to progress through our lives.  We are building upon sustainable facts and we are improving our view of our mortality, but, when it comes to immortality we know nothing and therefore need to rely on belief to sustain our efforts to reach that which we believe to be true.

One example is the subject of Death.  We know we are all going to die, but no one knows what happens to our lives, our memories, or spirits when we stop living.  I believe we live on.  I truly believe and live my life as if that belief is a constant reality.  We believe because we have been commanded to believe, given glimpses of an afterlife derived from the words and life of Jesus Christ, and I believe in and believe Christ, the Son of the Living God, even our Heavenly Father.  

Most of us know that the person Christ was born in or around April or May and that Christmas day is not His real birthday, but we celebrate December 25th as the Holiest of Holidays within the Christian world and since that day was presented as a day for Christians by Constantine as a way to unify the various religions of the world, I follow that day to celebrate the birth of MY LORD And SAVIOR.

An interesting side to the Christmas Holiday occurred when I was visiting my Son in Japan just prior to Christmas, I don’t recall the exact year but he was 21 or so.

The Japanese, especially in Tokyo go all out during Christmas except, I think, their use of XMAS is more appropriate to this story.  Everywhere you looked there were elves and Santa Clause, presents and trees, music filled the shops and streets.  XMAS was everywhere, people were laughing and singing, dancing, the streets were filled with shoppers and gawkers but one thing was missing.  Except for this one thing it was a perfect XMAS.  There was no Christ, no Baby Jesus, no substance of the “real” Christmas that take our souls toward God.  This was an XMAS, without Christ.  Similar to what is happening in our society.  Christ is being forgotten, dismissed and replaced.  

They may believe in Christ but they have no belief that Christ mattered, or sacrificed his life for us.  

I believe Christ mattered, I believe that only Christ can intercede with God for our eternal benefit.  It is CHRIST, His life, His Gospel and his promises that I believe in, that will ensure my Salvation.  

Thank you God, in the name of your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ.


And just for those who may not think I'm serious: I really, really, really do believe Christ is the Cornerstone of my life, and I pray that I can live up to His expectations of me.

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