Friday, February 4, 2022

Got a Gripe?

This is a gripe, not that important, especially within the Grand Scheme of Things, but…I get so perturbed when these Big Box Stores, Home Depot, Etc...,not only raise their prices, but the products are almost unusable.

Here it is:  I’m building an overhang for a patio.  This is not an especially difficult project but it has become extremely frustrating when the wood I purchased, and paid a premium for, is almost (I say almost because I was able to salvage most of it) unusable, except for someone like me that has the skills to mitigate the crap wood I had delivered.

The delivery?  That’s another gripe but I’m sure it’s related to the same mindset that has infected the management of, not only Home Depot, but probably every other large BOX Retailer in today's consumer marketplace.

I’m really trying hard to fill a full page of words here, so bear with me.   

After seeing the price of ½ ply cdx, around $42 a sheet, I opted for 1x 6x 12 shiplap and then after seeing the shitlap in the store I choose to have it delivered and requested that it be completely bound and tied and stacked to prevent the boards from warping.   Great idea, poor execution on their part.

I paid $75 for the delivery on Tuesday, got a text late Tuesday saying Wednesday, it would be delivered.  I had waited all day, from 8-4 as instructed but around 3:30 I was informed that tomorrow would be better for them to make the delivery, COVID or some excuse was offered in my text….

I got the wood late on Thursday, but I was not happy.  The wood was wrapped in two straps and I could already see that some of the boards were warped, but dealing with shiplap, some warpage is expected.  What was not expected was the 1x6x12 T&G that was intermixed with my order.  

You get the picture.   After fuming for a few minutes I decided to take the order and deal with the poor quality wood the best I could, and I must say, I’ve done an excellent job straightening the warps and bends, the bows that make dealing with shiplap difficult.

The whole point of this fiasco is simple.  When we allow liberal policies to infect our markets, our supplies and our minds, like the shitlap I had to deal with, we all become warped, bent and in some cases unusable.  

Those at the top, the rich and powerful, the connected, never have to deal with shitlap, they can afford perfectly milled wood, dried and straight, while we, who are less connected, hard working and not so “important” are forced to make due with what is left over, and again, let me emphasis how well we do despite what those at the top or trying to feed us, make us buy, inject us with or even poison our minds.  We are the MIDDLE CLASS, we are the WORKERS and we are the ones with the GUNS.

The Truckers in Canada and across this country are protesting the insanity of it all.  What will you do, what can we do together to show our solidarity and our CLASS as those without class are engaged in a fight to control us, dominate us and fill our minds with the SHITLAP of crap that they themselves do not believe?

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