Wednesday, March 16, 2022

The fight of Our Lives

In Virtually Every Civilization there comes a time when that civilization changes, but fails to adapt.  The United States is at that point.

Each decision our leaders make plunge us into the abyss of Socialism, fed by the Fascist policies that prefer group think over individual rights, a centralized autocratic government, and sever economic and social regimentation, that forces compliance and limits individual choices and privileges. 

This has been a slow change but, the last two years we have seen a rapid move toward dividing our communities through forced masking, the mandated policies of forced inoculations and the separation from our families, our loved ones and the directives to limit our social and religious rights.

In most cases throughout history, a compliant and obedient population follows willingly, giving the budding fascists carte blanche over our lives, our choices, our desires and our freedoms.

We still have more freedoms now, even after the mad rush to destroy our constitutional Republic.  But, failure to act will ensure that in the near future, the next “tragedy” , the next earthquake, pandemic or made up scenario, supported and propagandized by our Media, will ensure that this process of destroying our country, our constitution and our Republic, will be accomplished.

As we can all see when the gas prices rise, our food shelves shrink, our truckers strike or like in Canada, the honest and patriotic truckers were branded as insurrectionists, (see the pattern yet?),  then the process is in full swing.  Those in favor of Socialism will fall into line, they will report on their neighbors who use too much water, or fail to wear their facemasks indoors, while at home…etc.…fill in the blanks if you must.

It’s hard to say when our Fascists' Coupe started but it was fueled by the Media that supported the nation wide riots but castigated the capital breach.  The fuel allowed the flames to grow until the pandemic came and then it was in full attack mode.

Those who choose Fascism over our Constitutional Republic, are prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

What are you willing to do to save our Republic? Are you willing to sacrifice to save this country, if so how will you make those sacrifices, (No human sacrifices allowed please) will they be easy or hard?

If the other side, those who want Fascism and Socialism are willing to do whatever it takes, are there any limits to what they will do to gain control of your life and the lives of everyone?

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