Wednesday, May 4, 2022

The Power of Politics

 In our fractured society, there is nothing more divisive than opposing political views, especially when those views are politically motivated.

Some believe that “Politics is everything, and everything is political.”  

The definition of politics is:  the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power.

The above definition, taken from a simple Google Search, seems to agree with the variation of multiple individuals regarding politics.  It has definitely moved beyond the simple aspects of the activities associated with the governance of a country…

We can plainly see how the idea of …Achieving Power…  comes into play.

But through the efforts to achieve power, there has developed an almost incongruent defiance toward Common Sense that defies logic, and promotes a ridiculousness never before exhibited.

How irrational will a power thirsty individual go to create a web of deceit, or lies, to achieve their goal?  And, when combined with a group dynamic, that desire for power can be transferred to those who gain very little actual power, but fall for the specter of association, grasping onto the tendrils of hope to buoy their unrelenting lust, not for power but to be on the side that ultimately wins.

There are two sides in this conflict and both have their issues with the truth, and common sense, but if you will indulge me, I will focus on the most egregious of examples to illustrate my point.

Keep in mind that the focus of this discussion is to analyze the decisions towards power that fall the furthest from Common Sense and Logic.

As a note of thanks, I have taken these points from Dennis Preager, who is to me, one of the most consistent and logical thinkers of our Day.

  1.  Men can give birth.  This is absurd on its face.  The words are completely illogical and have been since the dawn of man, or woman, don’t want to make any enemies here.  Need I go into the biological basics of life itself?

One thing to think about if you're unsure regarding this topic.  After you die and someone, anyone, finds your bones, they will only be able to determine your sex as a male or female, based on your bones.  No one will be able to tell if your Sis-Gender or your Bi-status or any of the other self proclaiming dysphoric ideas you wish to engage in during life.  

  1. Biological men competing against women.  The idea of men competing in women's sports defies any explanation, especially if you're a woman vying for that top prize, only to see it slip away because a young man decided to become a “woman” so they could compete against less muscular, with less bone density, women who are smaller, but who have trained just as hard, shown the same devotion and dedication as their male counterparts.  

There is a reason why they call it “Women's Sports”, Men are not allowed to compete, even those who simply decide that they would rather be a woman in name only.  Despicable, cowardice and politically motivated, as the definition for power stated above outlines.

  1. Defunding the police.  The cries for defunding the police was not motivated to improve policing of our cities or assist in controlling the rising crime rate.   It was a political move by a few to gain power over the many, so the few could control our lives through fear, and intimidation.  I have no issues with improving our police efforts, the organizations and the practices but the notion of “Defunding” with the end goal of improvement flies in the face of logic and common sense.

  1. Free speech does not allow for hate speech.  We all know the drill.  We walk into a store or answer an ad online for this free event, or product;  we know, but we fall into their trap, forgetting that FREE is very often very costley.  If something, anything is Free, then it is a safe bet that there is no cost, no obligation, no need to pay up front for the privilege.  Free is Free, and like Free Speech, it can not be free when there are conditions, options for some and not others, regulations etc…   simply stated, why is one opinion held up, while others are not?  Even if we have definitive and concrete facts, does not the dissenting opinion matter, should it be allowed to exist?  I say yes.  Remember, who benefits from one position over another?  Is not Politics at play here as well?

Here are a few more topics to consider.  Race matters, really, does it?  

Diversity is strength, I thought strength comes from working together, not through the politically motivated idea that diversity alone will raise your game. 

You're not Human until you are born, but even now there are strong indications that abortions after birth have been performed and are becoming more common.  Makes you wonder if Margurets Sanger is still in charge of Planned Parenthood, (just another oxymoronic title that defies the logic of what really happens behind their doors.  And last but but not a complete list is:

Capitalism is Evil.  Just in case you don’t know, There are advantages to Capitalism, not available in other forms of Governance.


1. Capitalism encourages innovation.  Because there is a need to compete to remain profitable, Capitalism is a system that encourages innovation like no other system of economics. 

2. It is a society that is based on the service of others.

3. Capitalism promotes equality.   We are all trying to buy and sell our products and services equally

4. It provides freedom. Freedom to choose for yourself and your family, more choices than any other system.

5. Capitalism promotes self-regulation. Businesses in a Capitalistic society only have power because consumers allow them to have it. If buyers are not interested in the goods or services that are offered by an organization, then that business will not continue to exist. This means businesses must create goods or services that are desired by the society and this helps to serve the needs of individuals and households.

6. It provides a wider range of products or services.  People have unique problems which must be solved. This wide array of needs allows for businesses to find a niche so they can exist. If there is value in the goods or services being offered, defined as being able to solve a problem, then it will continue to operate. 

7. There is an opportunity to be involved in governance.  Capitalism encourages people to get involved in all aspects of society to create the best possible outcome for themselves. That means it is a system that encourages people to be involved with their governance. From voting to serving on local boards to running for a national office, people get involved with government so they can create their preferred outcome.

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